Dear Lucky: Does it make a difference what hair brush you use?

Q: Does it make a difference what brush you use? —Hannah

A: Dear Hannah, I recently had this conversation with none other than Drew Barrymore: Drew claimed the only reason her otherwise-not-very-styled hair generally looks pretty together is her Mason Pearson brush. Now me, I have precisely the same feeling about the $10 black plastic Denman brush I’ve had for six trillion years. But every major hairdresser I’ve ever spoken to agrees with Drew and is like, “Mason Pearson.” So I expected Harry Josh, the brilliant John Frieda stylist/colorist who does the hair of everyone from Gisele to Gwyneth, to say the same thing. But Harry Josh surprised me, and this is what he said:


I (JGJ) am no professional stylist, but I love this one. All-time favorite!

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