Dear Lucky: How Do I Dress To Impress The Creative Boss And The Conservative One?

Q: What do I wear to interview with the creative boss and the conservative HR department? —Chelsea

A: Dear Chelsea, Look to the French, says fashion editor Elle Strauss. When I think of the French, I think of them in a cool-girl-on-the-back-of-a-motorcycle, street-style way, but this is not what Elle is talking about: “It’s about tailoring, and it’s about a dark, structured, waist-enhancing blazer that pulls everything together,” she says. The jacket sobers up the more creative aspects of your outfit, so you end up looking sharp to all. “It could be more of a splurge than you usually make—you’re going to wear it all the time.” Elle says the ones from Stella McCartney, Theory and Banana Republic are consistently good.

Wear your fitted jacket with …

  • Pair black with black:
    “With pants or a skirt, it’s pulled together, matching the jacket,” says Elle. “Then you do stripes underneath— a little cool. Or pop in color with your shoes, bracelets, your bag, a belt … Something that stands out, that’s super-chic
  • Add color:
    The next place Elle takes the blazer to: a pencil skirt in a bright color. You wear that with a silky blouse and layers of interesting necklaces. “Maybe the blazer’s got gold buttons, and so you do all the necklaces in gold,” she adds.
  • Or a print:
    Another option is a fun dress in a print or a wild color, says Elle: “The blazer gives it structure and seriousness. But your personality’s still in there.” The creatives and the conservatives: all happy!

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