Dear Lucky: What Lipstick Works For Super Thin Lips?

Q: I love fun lipstick colors. I’d even settle for not-so-fun, but my thin lips don’t seem to be made to wear lipstick: When I wear it, you see the inside of my lips where the lipstick doesn’t stick because it’s inside my mouth. —Rae

A: Dear Rae, All lips are sexy. Thin, full, whatever-shaped, all lips are just beautiful and wildly sensual. I think that’s why lip injections look weird—I don’t think anyone really yet knows what about lips makes them so sexy, so we don’t yet know precisely what enhancing them might entail.

You need what I call Your Lips But Better: In looking for that shade (it’s different for everybody), try to match it with the shade inside your lips. The best formula is a stain, for long-lasting color but no texture. Benefit Benetint is a super-natural Your Lips But Better–type stain; similarly, Shiseido’s lip tint (in various colors, including a blazing hot pink) sinks right in, has no texture and lasts and lasts. Rub a little into your lips, blend and wait a minute: You should have succeeded in establishing some continuity, lipwise.

With the base colors more similar, you can then layer “fun” colors on top—the difference between inner and outer will be less jarring, I promise. The other thing I would say is, fun lipstick colors, while fun, are fun only if they don’t make you feel insecure. Find a shade—fun or un—that you know you look good in.

Benefit Benetint, $30, sephora​.com. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Disco, $25, shiseido​.com

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