Dear Lucky: What T-Shirts With Sleeves Will Flatter My Problem-Area Arms?

Q: My upper arms aren’t my strong point, and I don’t always want to wear a cardigan. What are the best T-shirts with sleeves—i.e., non-clinging, non-sausage-making? —Amy

A: Dear Amy, The first rule of non-sausage-making, as you rightly point out, is nothing fitted. “It’s not that the T-shirt has to be oversize, but maybe you go up a size,” suggests Elle. Lucky stylist Lauren Edelstein agrees: “There are styles—Madewell, C&C California—that nip in at the waist a little, so they fit, but aren’t tight on top.”

But don’t focus solely on sleeves. “The key is an open neckline,” says Lauren. “A V-neck or Henley or scoopneck—anything that draws your eye to the center.” Then add necklaces, buttons—even lipstick in a great color can give you a focal point away from the arms, says Elle: “A belt or a high-waisted pencil skirt will give you a second point to look at that’s not your arms, and it balances the looseness of the T-shirt.”

What about no sleeves, I challenged. “It’s weird,” Lauren says, “but with sleeveless you want to show the most skin possible—racerback tanks or spaghetti straps. Big thick straps or classic shift-dress sleeveless is no good! Skin, skin, skin!”

Left to right: Boatneck tee, $78, vince​.com. Cotton top, $17, oldnavy​.com

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