Dear Lucky: How Do I Get Fabulous-Looking Second-Day Hair?

If I sleep on my hair, it looks awful. But if I wash it every day, it looks dry and damaged. How do I get fabulous-looking second-day hair? 

Satin King Pillowcases

A: Dear Lynne,

The answer—also a not-insignificant way to keep your skin fresh and young looking—is a household item I associate with Hollywood Old Guard types, like Ava Gardner or Nancy Reagan, but it works: the satin pillowcase. Your blowout (or artfully tousled waves or tumbling curls) will emerge undented, much less mussed and, most important, unbroken. When you toss and turn on regular pillowcases, it’s much easier to break individual strands and wake up with split ends; in the slithery, cosseted world of the satin pillowcase, your hair gets pulled around much less. Similarly, your skin emerges plumper and less wrinkled from a night up against the satin, as opposed to scratchier, less refined fabrics. Will a satin pillowcase keep you young forever? Hugh Hefner has famously slept on nothing but satin sheets for most of a century, and look at him!

*Decorating note: Think Marie Antoinette! Most satin pillowcases come in pastels; darker colors, it should be noted, verge quickly into Hefner territory. If, like me, you are having an Indian-print John Robshaw moment, simply hide the satin one under the decorative one until it’s time for bed.

Satin King Pillowcases, $34.99 for set of 2,

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