Dear Lucky

Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

Dear Lucky: How Do I Pull Off Socks With Heels Without Looking Like A Schlump?

From the glamorous shoes-and-socks at Chanel to the midcalf black nylons with pointy black pumps at Rodarte, this is what a trend should be: fun, fun, fun. You’re not going to be wearing it at your next job interview—so relax and enjoy! And it’s easier than it looks.

Dear Lucky: How Can I Avoid Runny Makeup During My Summer Morning Commute?

Every morning, I walk 10 minutes from my apartment to the subway, and my mascara is completely all over my face by the time I get to the train. I also end up with little tear tracks through my blush or bronzer on my cheeks. How do I avoid this?

Dear Lucky: What’s A Good Cardigan/Jacket/Sleeping Bag To Wear On A Plane?

The best advice for staying stylishly cozy when traveling this summer.

Dear Lucky: What’s The Ultimate Must-Buy Trend For Summer?

If you could only buy one on-trend item this summer, it would have to be this.

Dear Lucky: Are Three Masks Too Much For Acne-Prone Skin?

Our executive beauty director cautions against breaking your skincare routine—even if you don't have any blemishes in sight.

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Short Dresses and Shorts When You're Over 40

Q: When you're over 40, how short can dresses and shorts be? A: What you can wear—despite the 700,000 magazine articles that insist otherwise—depends only on your body and your mind.

Dear Lucky: 'What are the most flattering spring trends for people who are short and curvy but not plus-size?'

Focus on basics, not trends. “Petites really have a challenge,” blogger Wendy Nguyen explains. “I’m five feet tall, and I think the key to a workable, buildable wardrobe is classics that really, truly fit. You need a great tailor.”

Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Red Lipstick Last?

"My favorite red-lipstick look is a summery, otherwise-casual offhanded flick of full-on red—think Kate Moss with cutoffs and a tan. The full Marilyn gets a little costumey, no?"

Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear My Festive Metallic Favorites For Spring?

How to wear your most exuberantly party-appropriate items in broad daylight.

Dear Lucky: 'Tevas? Really?!'

“Flatforms!” exclaimed accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff. “Yes! They go with everything.”

Dear Lucky: 'I Love the Way the New Slit Wrap Skirts Look. But What do I Wear on Top?'

The sexiness of this look—I adore it too, in that rabid, must-have way—was something that oddly never occurred to me. But the fashion department is looking out for all of us. “Think of it like wearing a miniskirt,” said fashion director Anne Keane. “I mean, those skirts are totally sexy!

Dear Lucky: 'Is there a way to treat permanent, hereditary dark undereye circles besides concealer and creams with caffeine?'

As I made my way past the gorgeous canvases by Marilyn Minter and Richard Prince lining the office hallways of Miami/New York dermatologist Fredric Brandt, I crossed my fingers that he would be full of news that, at last, the undereye problem had been solved. He smiled when I used the word “solved.”

Dear Lucky: 'Will Neon Colors and Color-Blocking Be Important For Spring?'

Fashion director Anne Keane loves both these trends for spring—especially the neon. “So many designers are embracing these sporty, color-saturated looks, and they’re so fun to wear,” she said.

Dear Lucky: 'What Will Be The Go-To Color For Spring 2014?'

The It Color of spring, the fashion department agrees, is hunter green. “Think of it as the new navy,” enthused accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff.

Dear Lucky: 'How Can I Get My Eyeliner To Stop Running?'

The descent of liner/mascara/eyeshadow is as inevitable as it is dispiriting. You can have fewer of those moments if you wear all-waterproof.

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