Dear Lucky

Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

Dear Lucky: How Do I Look Great (But Still Practical) At My Three Jobs?

Hint: Jump on the evening-for-day bandwagon.

Dear Lucky: Is There Such a Thing as Professional Makeup?

“Professional” makeup is you but a little more defined, a little more awake. That’s it.

Dear Lucky: Is It Better to Save Money on a Haircut or Color?

Splurge on the haircut, save on the color.

Dear Lucky: What's a Polite Way to Tell Someone Their Lashes Are Too Long?

Say nothing unless asked point blank.

Dear Lucky: How Do I Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for My Small Face?

Smaller-sized Ray-Bans project the same cool as the regulars.

Dear Lucky: Should I Splurge on a Few Investment Pieces?

The bottom line: Buy what you love.

Dear Lucky: What Kind of Going-Out Shoes Should I Wear in Snowy Weather?

My personal strategy is to plan an outfit around clunky, crazy-looking snow boots.

Dear Lucky: Are Homemade Gifts Cheap?

Q: Am I cheap to give homemade gifts for the holidays? Like jams and breads from scratch?

Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear Florals and Pastels in the Fall?

Q: My boyfriend thinks I’m weird to wear florals and pastels when it’s snowing. Are they too spring/summer?

Dear Lucky: What's A Good Sheer Foundation in the Mocha Range?

Q: What’s a good sheer foundation with yellow, not red, undertones in the mocha range?

Dear Lucky: How Do I Find A Hostess Gift I Can Buy In Multiples?

Q: I need an impromptu hostess gift I can buy in multiples (no candles—I’ve beaten them to death)!

Dear Lucky: How Do I Change Up My Look?

Q: I need a change! I’ve had long, lightly highlighted blonde hair since middle school. How do I change up my look (without a lot of extra maintenance)?

Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Perfume Last?

Q: Often my scent barely makes it through the morning. How/where are you supposed to apply perfume?

Dear Lucky: How do I wear the multiple bracelets trend?

Q: What’s a more grown-up way to wear the multiple bracelets/“arm party” trend?

Dear Lucky: How Do I Pick the Perfect Winter Coat?

Q: What’s the perfect winter coat: bigger? More fitted?

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