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Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

Where Should Your Pants Hem Hit Your Shoe?

Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

How to Mix Up Your Makeup Routine

Q: I feel like I’ve had the same makeup routine since I was 14: foundation/tinted moisturizer, good undereye concealer and then the same muted brown eyeshadows with the expected highlighter on the inner part of the eye. Do you have ideas/tips for new ways to mix it up? I feel like I’m a paint-by-numbers...

How to Look Fashion-y When You’re Pregnant

Q: Truly, I need fashion answers (more specifically—HELP!) in every direction: I’m pregnant. I’m most perplexed by the maternity skirt. It is not a good thing …unless I’m missing some secret key element? Perhaps pregnant ladies should only wear the ever-loving hell out of their J Brand maternity jeggings (which I’ve been doing) and tight-inthe-middle/loose-everywhere-else dresses? Getting dressed for work has become a daily chore.

Where to Find Chic Winter Boots

Q: Can winter boots be stylish?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Dry Skin

Q: I have dry skin. How often should I exfoliate my face—every day? Once a week? What do you recommend? And what time of the day, morning or night?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Preventing Blow-Dry Frizz

Q: I rarely blow-dry my hair, but when I do it ends up looking frizzy. What is the one tip/product I could use to avoid this?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Effective Hair Removal

Q: Does laser hair removal work—and what do you think about at-home removal?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Warm Winter Coats

Q: I have been seeing a lot of great coats, but which ones are warm enough to get me through winter's coldest days?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About the Visible Bra Trend

Q: The deliberately contrasting, deliberately visible bra used to be a fashion "mistake" but now seems to be mainstreaming. Can I wear this to work? How can I do it so I don't look like I got dressed in the dark? Is this just for hipsters?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Mixing Deodorant and Perfume

Q: I always put on scented deodorant and perfume. I have never tried to match their scents and have no idea if they clash. I mean, I can't smell me! Is there a deodorant that doesn't fight the smell of my perfume?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Freckle-Friendly Foundation

Q: I love my freckles. But my blemishes obviously don't inspire the same affection. What foundation evens skin tone but doesn't cover my freckles?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Best Way to Care for Cashmere

Q: What's the best way to care for cashmere sweaters?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Shoes for Big Feet

Q: I have gigantic feet! Brands like Loeffler Randall and Belle by Sigerson Morrison used to make size 11, but I find fewer and fewer options. Are there other cool brands in size 11? Something between a Steve Madden and a Jimmy Choo? The brands at websites that cater to Sasquatch-footed women tend to be a wee bit obscure. Help!

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Applying Blush

Q: I have been told a million different ways to put on my blush correctly. I’ve heard everything from making a fish face to smiling, and I’m not sure which looks the best. What do you suggest? A: Smile. The fattest part of your cheek is where the color goes.

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Finding Flattering Jeans

Q: I have thick calves and have a hard time finding jeans that are flattering. Boot-cut jeans look good, but sometimes I really want to wear a straight or skinny leg. Can you recommend any brands? A: The trick is to find jeans with little or no stretch.

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