Dear Lucky

Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

Dear Lucky: Are Three Masks Too Much For Acne-Prone Skin?

Our executive beauty director cautions against breaking your skincare routine—even if you don't have any blemishes in sight.

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Short Dresses and Shorts When You're Over 40

Q: When you're over 40, how short can dresses and shorts be? A: What you can wear—despite the 700,000 magazine articles that insist otherwise—depends only on your body and your mind.

Dear Lucky: 'What are the most flattering spring trends for people who are short and curvy but not plus-size?'

Focus on basics, not trends. “Petites really have a challenge,” blogger Wendy Nguyen explains. “I’m five feet tall, and I think the key to a workable, buildable wardrobe is classics that really, truly fit. You need a great tailor.”

Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Red Lipstick Last?

"My favorite red-lipstick look is a summery, otherwise-casual offhanded flick of full-on red—think Kate Moss with cutoffs and a tan. The full Marilyn gets a little costumey, no?"

Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear My Festive Metallic Favorites For Spring?

How to wear your most exuberantly party-appropriate items in broad daylight.

Dear Lucky: 'Tevas? Really?!'

“Flatforms!” exclaimed accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff. “Yes! They go with everything.”

Dear Lucky: 'I Love the Way the New Slit Wrap Skirts Look. But What do I Wear on Top?'

The sexiness of this look—I adore it too, in that rabid, must-have way—was something that oddly never occurred to me. But the fashion department is looking out for all of us. “Think of it like wearing a miniskirt,” said fashion director Anne Keane. “I mean, those skirts are totally sexy!

Dear Lucky: 'Is there a way to treat permanent, hereditary dark undereye circles besides concealer and creams with caffeine?'

As I made my way past the gorgeous canvases by Marilyn Minter and Richard Prince lining the office hallways of Miami/New York dermatologist Fredric Brandt, I crossed my fingers that he would be full of news that, at last, the undereye problem had been solved. He smiled when I used the word “solved.”

Dear Lucky: 'Will Neon Colors and Color-Blocking Be Important For Spring?'

Fashion director Anne Keane loves both these trends for spring—especially the neon. “So many designers are embracing these sporty, color-saturated looks, and they’re so fun to wear,” she said.

Dear Lucky: 'What Will Be The Go-To Color For Spring 2014?'

The It Color of spring, the fashion department agrees, is hunter green. “Think of it as the new navy,” enthused accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff.

Dear Lucky: 'How Can I Get My Eyeliner To Stop Running?'

The descent of liner/mascara/eyeshadow is as inevitable as it is dispiriting. You can have fewer of those moments if you wear all-waterproof.

Dear Lucky: 'How Do I Wash Raw Selvage Jeans?'

Middle-of-the-roaders say after six months—once the raw denim has had a chance to mold itself in your image, as it were—you should first soak and then very gingerly wash them.

Dear Lucky: 'Tricks For Sticking With Getting In Shape?'

So renew your gym membership. Walk, run, SoulCycle it up! But don't slouch in the good-diet department, if in-shape is truly your goal.

Dear Lucky: 'Can I Wear My Midi Skirt This Spring?'

The fashion department says there is no length that doesn't work this spring, but midi—somewhere between just below the knee and midcalf—remains chicer than chic.

Dear Lucky: 'What Holiday Outfits Are Sexy But Warm?'

Sexy While Not Freezing is one of the ultimate challenges. Market editor Laurel Pantin says that a suit is the sexiest thing right now.

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