Dear Lucky

Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

Dear Lucky: Help Me Find a Sexy Open-Back Dress That's Still Casual!

Our editors found this reader six awesome options.

Dear Lucky: How Do I Get Fabulous-Looking Second-Day Hair?

Take a tip straight from classic Hollywod glamor.

Dear Lucky: What's The Right Order to Put on Summer Makeup?

This regimen will have your skin glowing all summer long.

Dear Lucky: What's the Best Length For A Summer Cardigan?

Our First Lady Always Knows How to Pull Off a Cardigan.

Dear Lucky: What Lipstick Works For Super Thin Lips?

You need what I call Your Lips But Better.

Dear Lucky: What T-Shirts With Sleeves Will Flatter My Problem-Area Arms?

The rules of non-sausage-making arms.

Dear Lucky: Does it make a difference what hair brush you use?

Simply put, yes. Celebrity hair stylist Josh Harry tells us why.

Dear Lucky: How Do I Dress To Impress The Creative Boss And The Conservative One?

Look to the French.

Dear Lucky: What Does the Perfect Purse Contain?

Here it is, the perfect purse.

Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear Flats, Oxfords and Low Heels?

The how-to on stylish comfort.

Dear Lucky: What Do I Wear to Meet-the-Parents?

This is the answer to everything, including meeting the parents.

Dear Lucky: Conditioner is Making my Fine Hair Limp, What Should I Do?

This new-style volume allows for more conditioner.

Dear Lucky: What Shouts "Black Miniskirt" without Actually Being One?

Our Alternative Miniskirt: The Fit-and-Flare.

Dear Lucky: Why Do I Break Out When I'm Sick?

Voila, the magic formula to fend off breakouts when your immune system can't.

Dear Lucky: Can You Recommend Boots to Fit My Skinny Calves?

Take the boots you love and have them customized to your cute calves.

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