Dear Lucky

Answers to your pressing fashion and beauty questions from resident know-it-all Jean Godfrey-June.

Dear Lucky: How To Wear Colored Eyeliner to Work

Q: How can you make colored eyeliner work-appropriate?

Dear Lucky: Can I Wear the Bralette for Work?

Q: The lingerie trend: bralette for work?

Dear Lucky: Is There an Age Where Crazy Nail Polish Starts to Look Wrong?

Q: I’m in fashion, so my job is pretty creative, but I still wonder: Is there an age where crazy nail art starts to look wrong on you?

Dear Lucky: Are White Pants Still In?

Q: With color being all the rage, especially in denim, are whites still in? Skinnies or wide leg?

Dear Lucky: How Do I Keep My Makeup from Sweating Off?

Q: How do I keep my makeup from sweating off?

Dear Lucky: The Perfect Plus-Size Summer Dresses

Q: What’s the best way for 
plus-size people to enjoy cute summery dresses (if they hate showing off their arms)?

Readers Ask Dear Lucky About DIY Wedding Makeup

Q: I’m getting married in a remote area—not many makeup people! I worry I’ll wind up looking like a 15-year-old prom girl. Should I consult a professional for instruction, then do my own makeup the day of?

Readers Ask Dear Lucky About Wearing White to a Wedding

Q: Can you wear white to a wedding? Is it rude because it upstages the bride?

Readers Ask Dear Lucky About Day-to-Evening Dressing For a Wedding

Q: The wedding I’m attending goes from day into night. How should I change up my look for the evening portion? —Evyn

Readers Ask Dear Lucky About Red Lipstick At a Wedding

Q: I love to wear red lipstick. Is it too much for a wedding? Would it upstage the bride?

Readers Ask Dear Lucky What Length Dress to Wear to a Black-Tie Wedding

Q: What length dress are you supposed to wear for a black-tie wedding? Can you get away with something shorter? And what qualifies a short dress to be black tie?

Readers Ask Dear Lucky About Wearing Black to a Wedding

Q: Is it okay to wear black to a wedding?

Dear Lucky: The Best Mascara For the Beach

Q: I don’t go outside without mascara. What’s the best kind for the beach that doesn’t get dried up and crispy in the sun but won’t run when I go swimming?

Dear Lucky: How to Make a Tankini Flattering

Q: Tankinis: Possible to make flattering—and/or chic?

Dear Lucky: How to Wear Makeup to the Beach

Q: Can I wear makeup to the beach or the pool?

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