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Incredibly eye-catching—like something picked up at a Guatemalan market.
Look closely: What at first appears to be a delicate abstract pattern is actually composed of tons of tiny flowers.
This pale, geometric pattern feels like a lighter take on a Fair Isle print.
Toes the line between hippie-inspired and modern with graphic, pinwheel-esque florals.
There's so much to look at here, from the saturated strips of scarlet to the bright blue "Om" written in Sanskrit.
A rainbow palette gives a conventional check a cheery twist.
As elegant as it is versatile: a rich cobalt blue version topped off with shaggy fringe.
Proof that plaid can be warm-weather friendly, rendered in this feather-light fabric.
Unexpectedly chic: These disparate prints somehow work perfectly side by side.
A traditional paisley gets a moody spin in these deep, peacock hues.