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Watermelon Extract Skin Benefits, Side Effects, Products & More

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: April 05, 2024

What can you think of that is both delightfully moisturizing on a sweltering summer day and making waves in the skincare industry? Yes, you guessed correctly — it’s the fantastic Watermelon! 

In addition to being a delight for your taste senses, this luscious, sentimental fruit is a beauty industry powerhouse. 

Watermelon is healthier than just a tasty snack, so get ready to explore the world of watermelon-infused skincare.

What is Watermelon Extract?

Scientifically called Citrullus lanatus, Watermelon is more than just a tasty treat; it contains 92% water and 7.55% carbs. It is what provides the most potent moisturizing and reviving effect. 

But what’s this? Watermelon isn’t just good for satisfying your thirst; it’s also loaded with antioxidants like a superhero squad for your health, such as Lycopene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C

This team cares about more than just your physical well-being; it also has your skin’s back.

Benefits Of Watermelon Extract For Skin

It provides all the adoration your skin is deserving of! This fruit’s vitamins A and C rescue when your skin looks drab and beaten up. 

Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants: Meet lycopene, the skin-protecting superhero who fights off troublesome free radicals from pollution and UV radiation. And that’s significant because it implies Watermelon is working hard to maintain your skin supple, youthful, and stunning.

Your Skin’s Hydration: Remember how a piece of Watermelon quickly cools you down on a hot day? That is your skin’s hydration hero. Imagine the benefits it may have for your skin. A large drink of water for your skin, watermelon skincare products perform their magic to ward against dryness. The critical ingredient is watermelon seed oil, which has fatty acids that support the health of your skin cells. These fatty acids have the mysterious power to calm and give your skin a trampoline-like springiness.

Reduces Inflammation and Tackles Acne: We all know the struggle of angry, red skin. Watermelon comes to the rescue with its arsenal of amino acids. These goodies not only make your skin smoother but can also bid farewell to pesky breakouts. They work their charm, leaving your skin happy and radiant with that enviable glow. Do you have sensitive skin? Watermelon is the friend you’ve been waiting for – it’s calming and soothing, like a cool breeze on a warm day.

Side Effects Of Watermelon Extract

Now, hold your horses! Just like with anything new, it’s good to be cautious. Watermelon is usually a safe bet for all skin types, but if you’re one of the rare folks allergic to this delightful fruit, it’s best to pass it. 

If you try it out and your skin throws a tantrum, it’s wise to stop using watermelon-infused products. And, of course, if the fuss continues, consider chatting with a dermatologist.

How To Use Watermelon Extract

Now that you’re all eager to give your skin some watermelon deliciousness let’s look at how to utilize it effectively without getting sticky fingers:

  1. Looking for Formulated Products: As the saying goes, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” Choose skincare items that already include Watermelon. Count on the experts to have it just so efficient and secure results. On those ingredient lists, look for watermelon extracts or watermelon seed oil.
  2. The Influence of Serums and Moisturizers: Say welcome to watermelon-flavored moisturizers, serums, masks, and mists. These items are made to provide your skin with a significant amount of moisture and nutrients. Who wouldn’t like a facial spa day similar to this?
  3. DIY, If You Dare: Making a DIY mask from watermelon rind is simple. It’s like getting a cold, comforting embrace when your skin’s irritated or inflamed. Put the rind in the refrigerator to cool, and presto! You have a handmade skin-beneficial treat.

Best Products With Watermelon Extract

What’s next? The watermelon-infused products that will elevate your skincare regimen to a new level of wonder are a time to pull out the significant guns. 

Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner: Imagine a toner like a bouquet of roses with a splash of delicious Watermelon. That’s the Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner. This toner is a mood enhancer in a bottle in addition to toning your skin. 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial: It’s like a spa day at home. This clay mask infused with watermelon extracts is your ticket to tighter pores and brighter skin. It’s got all the goodness of Watermelon and the magic of hyaluronic acid – the ultimate hydration hero. 

Burt’s Bees Watermelon Lip Balm: Don’t leave your lips out of the watermelon party! This lip balm is a burst of hydration and a kiss of watermelon sweetness. 

Drunk Elephant’s B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum: Give it a glass of watermelon-infused serum when your skin is thirsty. This serum is like a tall drink of water for your face, packed with skin-loving ingredients. It’s the answer to dull, tired skin’s prayers.

Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum: Let’s talk about a serum for that glow. Watermelon and apple extracts join forces to give your skin the radiance it deserves. 

Fast Facts

DefinitionWatermelon extract is a skincare ingredient derived from the Citrullus lanatus fruit. It’s packed with vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants, and amino acids, making it a hydrating and soothing powerhouse.
Cosmetic UseWatermelon extract is used in various skincare products like toners, moisturizers, serums, and masks to provide hydration, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy, youthful complexion.
Impact on Skin TypesSuitable for all skin types, including oily, dry, and sensitive skin. Watermelon extract helps regulate oil production, lock in moisture, and soothe irritation.
BenefitsHydrates, stimulates collagen, protects against free radicals, reduces inflammation, and promotes a radiant glow.
DrawbacksRare allergic reactions can occur; patch test before use.
Recommended FrequencyOnce or twice a day, depending on the product and your skin’s needs.
CompatibilityWorks well with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and other antioxidants.
Precautions/RecommendationsPerform a patch test before using new watermelon-infused products. Avoid if allergic to watermelon.
Who Should Use ItIdeal for those seeking hydration, anti-aging, and soothing benefits. Suitable for all skin textures.
How Often Can You Use ItDaily, but adjust based on your skin’s response and the product’s instructions.
Works Well WithHyaluronic acid, vitamin C, cucumber, aloe vera, and other hydrating and antioxidant ingredients.
Don’t Use WithAvoid if you’re allergic to watermelon or experience irritation.


What does watermelon extract do for your skin?

Watermelon extract does a lot of activities for your skin. It’s rich in vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidants that hydrate, stimulate collagen production, and protect against free radicals. It’s like a refreshing drink for your skin.

Is watermelon extract good for oily skin?

Yes, Watermelon extract is good for oily skin. Its lightweight nature hydrates without clogging pores. Its vitamins and amino acids help regulate oil production, giving you a fresh, matte finish.

Is watermelon extract good for dry skin?

Yes, Watermelon extract is good for dry skin. Its high water content and moisturizing properties quench thirsty skin and lock in hydration.

Is watermelon extract good for sensitive skin?

Yes, Watermelon extract is good for sensitive skin. Its soothing amino acids, anti-inflammatory benefits, and non-irritating nature make it a perfect match for calming and hydrating delicate skin types.

Your Skin’s Summer With Watermelon

Let’s sum it up in a juicy nutshell: Watermelon isn’t just a thirst-quenching delight; it’s a skincare superhero. Watermelon is composed of vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and magical lycopene, it fights off free radicals, keeps your skin hydrated, and soothes inflammation like a boss. 

Unless you’re allergic, it’s a friend to all skin types, and it plays incredibly well with other skincare ingredients.

Your skin will be grateful for the hydration boost, the radiant glow, and the overall TLC. After all, nature’s goodness, mixed with some science, can be the secret sauce to unlock your skin’s true potential. Cheers to happy, healthy, and hydrated skin! 


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