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Best Luggage Brands of 2022

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: November 18, 2022

Plane, train, or automobile — if you’re traveling, you need luggage. Each luggage brand has their own takes and twists on the basics like portability, security, and organization. Some brands specialize in adventure luggage, duffles, or carry-ons, while others offer a little of everything in coordinating luggage sets. Your travel patterns, purpose, and personal preferences will help you determine which brand is right for you.

We researched the travel brands most likely to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and organized so that you’re ready to go as soon as your feet hit the tarmac. We’ve also included a shopping guide to help you determine the features and luggage types that will be the most important and valuable to you.

6 Best Luggage Brands of 2022

Best Luggage Brand Overall:
Horizn Studios

Horizn Studios designs luggage for now and in the future. Their newest line specifically addresses the challenges of commercial space travel. With features like removable charging devices and biosensors for added security, this is the luggage that will take you to the furthest reaches and back again.

Horizn Studios

Best Luggage Brand Overall: Horizn Studios
Best Budget Luggage Brand: TravelPro
Best Luxury Luggage Brand: Tumi
Best Luggage Brand for Frequent Flyers: Bric’s 
Best Luggage Brand for Hard-Sided Luggage: Delsey
Best Retro Luggage Brand: StreamLine Luggage

Best Luxury Luggage Brand
Best Luxury Luggage Brand:
  • High-quality materials like leather, aircraft-grade aluminum, and nylon
  • Built-in charging features
  • Pieces designed to be used and integrated with one another

You can’t talk about luggage without Tumi coming into the conversation. Tumi luggage has ranked as one of the top luggage brands for years and with good reason. Premium materials like handles made of aircraft-grade aluminum and aluminum hard-sided pieces make them stand out from many of the competitors. This is the luggage for frequent travelers and business travelers who need sleek gear in the boardroom. Each suitcase is meant to withstand the kind of travel that keeps you going long-distance week after week.

Built-in charging features, artistic exterior designs, and nearly indestructible handles make each Tumi piece one that’s amazing to look at and use. Many of their products integrate with one another by sliding onto a handle or strapping to the front of a roller suitcase. Tumi luggage comes at a premium price, but everything from the carry-on bags to the largest checked bag will stay with you for years to come.

Best Luggage Brand for Frequent Flyers
Best Luggage Brand for Frequent Flyers:
  • Wide selection of luggage lines, from entry-level to luxury
  • Premium materials like leather, polycarbonate, and sueded canvas-backed PVC
  • Options for business, casual, extended, and short travel

Bric’s has a little bit of everything, but everything they have is of exceptional quality. Their entry-level lines include both standard-size carry-ons and compact carry-ons designed for the tight spaces in small airplane cabins. They carry both soft and hard-sided pieces and many models with built-in TSA-approved locks. Exterior pockets, internal organization, USB ports, and spinner wheels are also found in various lines.

Bric’s offers a number of different looks and styles, each with a modern take on travel. Most lines come in a long list of colors, so you can stand out or blend in as much as you want. They really do have something for everyone, including luxury lines that hint back to the years of steamer trunks and high-class travel.

Tip: Bric’s TSA-approved locks sit flush with the rest of the suitcase for a sleek design that’s secure but easy to access.

Best Luggage Brand for Hard-Sided Luggage
Best Luggage Brand for Hard-Sided Luggage:
  • Wide range of hard-sided luggage styles
  • Integrated digital scales to prevent overweight luggage charges
  • Built-in TSA-approved locks that work with a 3-digit code

Delsey carries a range of luggage types, but they truly rise above the rest with their hard-sided pieces. Stylish design marks each suitcase, but it’s the build quality, features, and variety of designs that lift Delsey to the top. From lightweight polypropylene to Plenium and polycarbonate, the highest quality materials create hardside luggage for the business traveler or the frequent flying globetrotter. High performance materials give Delsey’s pieces impressive durability.

You can opt for the ultra-lightweight or entry-level carry-ons that resist the rough and tumble treatment that naturally comes with travel. Several of their models include a USB port and a smart scale that automatically weighs your suitcase, so you can say goodbye to overweight baggage fees.

Tip: Delsey luggage comes with either a two-year, five-year, ten-year, or lifetime warranty.

Best Retro Luggage Brand
Best Retro Luggage Brand:
StreamLine Luggage
  • Features both masculine and feminine designs
  • Offer several lines, each inspired by vintage steamer trunks
  • Modern conveniences, like TSA-approved locks, lightweight bodies, and quiet wheels
StreamLine Luggage

StreamLine Luggage harkens back to the golden-age of travel, where sophistication and durability meet. Every luxury suitcase includes attention to detail like leather trim, top-stitching, decorative straps, and buckles that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

However, these great designs are still lightweight and packed with modern conveniences. Built-in TSA-approved locks, silent wheels, and organization perks like hanging travel kits and vintage-inspired interior prints make every angle look and feel luxurious.

Types of Luggage

Some luggage brands specialize in one type of luggage like carry-ons or duffle bags, while others offer a wide range of wheeled backpacks, carry-ons, and full-size luggage pieces. The type of travel you do will determine the luggage pieces that will best suit your needs. Carry-ons and garment bags may be all a business traveler needs. But long trips and international travel may require larger, sturdier luggage to withstand the rigors of extended adventures.

Carry-OnDuffle Bags
Carry-on luggage is designed to fit in the overhead bins or underneath the seat of an airplane. Carry-ons have become the go-to for many travelers because you can skip the extra charges that come with checked baggage.
However, every airline has their own guidelines as to the acceptable size of the carry-on. Small planes, for example, may have smaller carry-on size limits. If you tend to fly one airline over another, check their carry-on regulations, and choose your carry-on accordingly.
You can stuff and shove a duffle bag into car trunks and tight spaces better than hard-sided or soft-sided luggage. Some only have shoulder and carrying straps, and others come with wheels and handles to make them easier to get through a busy airport or city street.
Duffle bags make a great option for casual travel. You can stuff all kinds of outdoor gear or souvenirs into them since they expand as far as their fabric will go.
Roller BackpacksTravel Totes
Roller backpacks have standard wheels or spinners, so you can either wear them or wheel them while on the go. Wheels add weight, but they may save your back when you’re running to catch a flight.Travel totes make a great carry-on. They give you quick access to your ID or laptop when you’re going through security and double as a convenient tote for the beach or other places while at your destination. Totes have an open top, so your items aren’t as secure as they are in other types of luggage.
Garment Bags
Garment bags allow you to prevent wrinkles while carrying suits or dresses. The garment lies flat in the bag, which then folds to a carryable size. They’re carried with a handle or shoulder strap. In addition to a garment bag, you’ll most likely need a carry-on or, at the very least, a backpack for the rest of your toiletries and overnight needs.

Features to Consider

Types and Number of WheelsLuggage comes with either two or four wheels. Two-wheeled models include stoppers on the non-wheeled corners, which can prevent runaway luggage. Spinners almost always come with four wheels and offer the best mobility.
Standard wheels move in two directions — backward and forward. Spinners rotate a full 360-degrees. Spinners work well in crowded spaces because they can be rolled in any direction, whether the suitcase is on all four wheels or just two. However, spinners can easily roll away on a slope. Look for spinners that include brakes and make sure to keep a hand on the suitcase.
MaterialsThe most common exterior luggage materials include polycarbonate, polycarbonate composite, polypropylene, ABS, nylon, polyester, and recycled materials. Accents and handles may have aluminum, plastic, leather, or stainless steel.
You can find high and low-quality luggage made in every material type. Look for hard-sided luggage that won’t dent but is still lightweight. Soft-sided luggage should be waterproof or at least water-resistant and durable enough to resist tears.
Handle DesignLook for a handle that stows easily and doesn’t add extra bulk to the suitcase. Telescoping handles offer the best adjustability. However, single-piece retractable handles provide more stability when pulling the suitcase.
Smart FeaturesBuilt-in GPS systems, scales, and touchscreens offer the latest in travel technology. These technologies allow you to keep track of your suitcase from your phone, weigh as you pack, and stay in contact with family via a video-enabled touchscreen.
USB ports may not be a smart feature, but they’re a definite plus in today’s technology-dependent society.
All of these features add to the price of the suitcase, so be ready to pay a premium.
Overall DurabilityMaterial quality and construction determine the overall durability. Heavy-duty zippers, reinforced corners on soft-sided pieces, and aluminum handles are a good indication of quality and durability that will keep your luggage traveling with you for years.
Hard-sided luggage should be made of materials that don’t scratch or dent easily. Some hard-sided materials bounce back into place, while others, like aluminum, get some expected scratches and dents. You’ll have to decide if you want the suitcase to have that kind of “character” or if you prefer a sleek, dentless look.
Hard vs. Soft-SidedDo I need hard or soft-sided — the question every traveler asks themselves. Hard-sided luggage offers better security for breakables. They’re also more likely to be waterproof. However, they can be heavier and prone to dents if mishandled. They also lack expandability if you over pack.
Soft-sided luggage may not protect fragile items as well as hard-sided suitcases, but they do bring expandability to the table. This type of luggage weighs less, but you’ll probably notice wear sooner than with a hard-sided piece of the same quality.
MeasurementsMeasurements are important when you fly. Make sure the measurements of the suitcase fall within the airline carry-on and check-in baggage guidelines for the carriers you use most.
Internal and External Organization External pockets, internal pockets, built-in garment bags, and dividers make travel so much easier. The more pockets and dividers the suitcase has, the better you’ll be able to separate your items and keep your clothes wrinkle-free.
WeightIn today’s travel atmosphere, weight matters. Lightweight suitcases allow you to pack more before you reach weight limits. Most of the time, you have to balance durability with weight. However, materials like polycarbonate and lightweight aluminum have revolutionized what lightweight, secured luggage really means. Try to find a balance of durability with weight based on your personal travel needs.

Quick Packing Tips

  1. Make a list. You’re less like to forget something if it’s on your list.
  2. Build variety into your list. Pack two or three tops per pair of pants, so you have choices.
  3. Keep toiletries to a minimum. On airplanes, toiletries are limited to 3.4 ounces per bottle, and all liquids must be kept in a single quart plastic bag.
  4. Put heavy items on the bottom, near the wheels. Place shoes, hairdryers, and curling irons near the wheels to make it easier to pull the luggage.
  5. Tuck socks into shoes. Optimize your use of space by tucking socks into your shoes.
  6. Roll instead of fold. Rolling your shirts and pants saves packing space.
  7. Fill in the leftover space. Extras like ties, scarves, and belts can easily tuck in the leftover spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big can a carry-on suitcase be?

Approved carry-on size varies by airline and even by aircraft. Small planes have smaller overhead bins and underseat spaces. Check the airline’s guidelines before flying, and measure your suitcase carefully to make sure you’re within regulations.

Are hard or soft-sided luggage easier to fly with?

If you need space to expand because you love souvenirs, soft-sided luggage works better. The soft sides expand as you pack, and they’re easier to squish into tight spaces on the plane or in the car trunk. If you are flying with breakable items, you definitely want hard-sided. Hard-sided luggage offers the most protection from falls, but you won’t be able to over pack the suitcase like you can with a soft-sided model.

Is there a benefit of buying nested luggage?

Some luggage sets are designed to nest inside one another. While there’s not much of an advantage while you’re on the road, nesting luggage is much easier to store. Each piece fits inside the next largest suitcase. You can essentially store all of your luggage in the footprint of the largest piece.

Final Advice

Know your budget before you start looking. You don’t want to fall in love with a luxury suitcase that’s outside of your price range. Look for quality and durability that matches your travel frequency and style. You’ll need more durable luggage if you’re a frequent flyer, for example. If long safaris and cruises are your modus operandi, you might want to splurge on a luxury brand that looks as good as its durability makes it last.


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