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Best Flower Delivery Services of 2022

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: November 18, 2022

Just about every event goes from average to spectacular when you add a floral arrangement. The best part — you can send flowers to anyone almost anywhere. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a service, like do they have next-day flower delivery, where do they get their blooms, and do their arrangements look anything like the pictures on their website.

We reviewed five of the best flower delivery services on the web. Their flowers are fresh, selections are gorgeous, and delivery won’t disappoint. We’ve also included a shopping guide to help you navigate the growing number of flower delivery services across the country.

5 Best Flower Delivery Services of 2022

Best Flower Delivery Service Overall:

With one of the widest selections and same-day delivery, it’s hard to beat 1-800-Flowers. They also make it easy to choose an arrangement based on color or the message you’d like to send. Plus, they offer a lot more than flowers.

Best Flower Delivery Service Overall: 1-800-Flowers

Best Subscription Flower Delivery Service: BloomsyBox

Best Eco-Friendly Flower Delivery Service: The Bouqs Co.

Flower Delivery Service with Best Variety: Alma Flowers

Best Flower Delivery Service with Long-Lasting Flowers: H.Bloom

Best Eco-Friendly Flower Delivery Service
Best Eco-Friendly Flower Delivery Service:
The Bouqs Co.
  • Partners with local florists for the freshest flowers
  • Uses farm direct sourcing
  • Stand-alone orders or subscriptions available

The Bouqs Co. offers same-day and next-day delivery of the usual roses, orchids, and sunflowers, along with a succulent or two. From start to finish, their bouquets are eco-friendly. They partner with sustainable farms using practices that conserve water and keep waste to a minimum.

You even have the option of signing up for a subscription in case one bouquet isn’t enough. Some arrangements are delivered in a box via FedEx, while artisan arrangements arrive by local delivery. Whether you’re into floral gifts or event flowers, The Bouqs Co. sends it fast and keeps things environmentally friendly.

Tip: Many bouquets arrive with a packet of flower food. Make sure to add it to the water to nourish the blooms as long as possible.

Flower Delivery Service with Best Variety
Flower Delivery Service with Best Variety:
Alma Flowers
  • Shop via Instagram
  • Wholesale opportunities
  • Corporate gifting options available

Alma Flowers takes a different approach to flower delivery services. They offer a selection of traditional bouquets like a bouquet of roses or freesia, but their variety comes in how they work with businesses and affiliates.

Do you want to send fresh, modern arrangements every time you complete a deal or sign a new customer? Corporations can partner with Alma Flowers for gorgeous blooms as a thank you or welcome to clients and customers. They offer wholesale options, too.

Finally, we love that you can shop their selection through Instagram. It’s easy to picture the perfect flowers when you can see them artfully arranged.

Best Flower Delivery Service with Long-Lasting Flowers
Best Flower Delivery Service with Long-Lasting Flowers:
  • Wide, premium selection
  • Luxury arrangements delivered in classy vases, containers, and display pieces
  • Subscription services and corporate partnerships available

Bloom doesn’t mess around when it comes to flower quality. These flowers are the absolute premium, which means they last far longer than their competitors. Bouquets arrive beautifully wrapped or ready in a vase. They even have a premium plant section full of succulents, house plants, and orchids designed as home decor pieces.

They partner with hotels for their on-going flower needs and corporations for their gifting programs. If your standards are high, you can even sign up for a home subscription. Chances are the flowers will last far into the month as long as you take care of them as instructed.

How to Shop for Flowers

You want flowers for yourself or a special occasion, but where do you begin? Some people know exactly what they want, but others might need some help. Thankfully, most online flower delivery services break down their arrangements into various categories to help you decide.

ColorDelivery Options
Weddings coordinate through color, and so can other flower-worthy events. Or, if you’re sending flowers for a gift, the recipient’s favorite color makes a perfect theme.Your options become clearer when you’ve got special delivery needs. Not every flower service can deliver the same or next day, nor can they all deliver internationally. You may have to pay an extra fee for some of these services.
The price depends on the number of stems and types of flowers used. Many online flower delivery companies offer a selection of arrangements for under $50. And many bouquets can be bought in different sizes or customized to offer even more selection. Bouquets and flower arrangements can run as high as $300 or $400 for premium flowers and plants designed to last for months. Know your budget before you start shopping to narrow down your choices.Different flowers fare better and last longer than others. Some only last a week, while others arrive with months or even years of life in them. Flower delivery services aren’t limited to bouquets only. Houseplants and succulents can be delivered too and last much longer than a single bouquet.
Presentation is everything. Glass vases, coffee bags, and recycled boxes are only a few of the unique ways various companies package their flowers. If you want something with interesting shapes or a succulent thrown in, push past the traditional arrangements to the flower services that think outside the box and add personality.

Features to Consider

Same Day DeliveryNeed flowers in a hurry? Online flower delivery services that partner with local florists often offer same-day delivery. However, there may be extra service charges.
Flower VarietyTraditional and seasonal blooms can be found at almost every florist or delivery service in the continental US. If you’re after tropical blooms, succulents, and other less common plants, you’ll have to look specifically for a service that carries them.
Flower QualityFlowers can be mailed, but depending on how far they have to go, they may not be in the best shape when they arrive. Many flower delivery services partner with local florists and farmers to guarantee gorgeous bouquets, fresh and ready to last.
CustomizationThough a flower company’s website may be littered with beautiful blooms, they might not have exactly what you want. Some services allow you to customize the arrangement, and some don’t. Those that do often charge an extra fee, and you may not qualify for same or next-day delivery.
Delivery FeesSome subscription services have free delivery, but most companies charge delivery fees that may cost more based on where you’re delivering each order.
Subscription ServiceIf you always like to have fresh flowers on the table, a flower subscription service is a good option. You can sign up for the type of bouquet you want along with the frequency of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send fresh flowers by mail?

Flowers can certainly arrive by mail. They’re boxed to protect the blooms and stems. Keep in mind that mailed flowers may not fare well if they have far to go and risk getting smashed in the mail. But mail order flowers give you the option of sending exotic flowers that local florists may not carry.

Can I order plants or succulents via a flower delivery service?

Many services offer houseplants and succulents as part of their options. Of course, some companies offer more options than others, including bouquets that center around a potted plant that’s meant to last for years. Some services also sell gifts like cakes, cupcakes, socks, and complete gift baskets.

Do flower delivery services use local florists?

Part of the beauty of using a flower delivery service is the option of having the arrangement made and delivered from a local florist. National companies partner with or have affiliate florists who recreate the bouquets on the brand’s website and deliver them the same or next day. It’s a great way for local small businesses to get recognition, while you get to shop from home and receive the freshest flowers possible.

Final Advice

Flower delivery services let you give the perfect gift from anywhere. These kinds of services can also deliver flowers for major events, making the planning that much easier for you. The best part is you can browse flowers and order from home, saving yourself time with a guarantee of beautiful flowers.



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