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Tesla Police Car is Coming: Ready for the specs? 

By: Marvin Chung
Updated on: February 02, 2024

Bid farewell to the old ways of fossil fuel-powered police cars

And step into the future with the high-performing, sustainable Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle.

Let’s learn more on the new Tesla Police Car!

Unplugged Performance: Electrifying the Road Ahead

Unplugged Performance has established itself as a pioneer within the EV aftermarket niche. 

Famous for designing breathtaking body kits and performance upgrades for Tesla electric vehicles, they’re now pushing boundaries with UPfit.

Starting with the game-changing Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle, this project will revolutionize the law enforcement industry.

Embracing the Electric Patrol Revolution

It was a historic moment when the UPfit patrol vehicle debuted. 

The car, based on the Tesla Model Y, took center stage at the dazzling Tesla Takeover event in sunny San Luis Obispo, California.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there – South Pasadena has already ordered 20 Tesla Model Y Police Vehicles, making them the first city in the US to transform their entire police fleet into a futuristic electric force.

The Wallet-Friendly, Earth-Loving Tesla Police Car

With budgets to balance and rising environmental concerns, the Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle emerges as the cost-effective and green superhero for law enforcement. 

Priced at $91,990– $50,490, it swoops in $7,000 cheaper than the Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid. But the savings don’t stop there! 

Over five years of ownership, the Model Y showcases its frugal nature by saving up to $27,012 (mostly fuel costs) compared to the traditional Ford Explorer-based vehicle. 

Who said going electric had to be expensive?

Customization for the Cops

Law enforcement’s got unique needs, and UPfit knows how to meet them head-on. 

The Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle can be equipped with all the bells and whistles needed to do the job efficiently. 

From police-specific interior gear like seat covers and high-durability materials to K9 containment, safety features, and even firearm and equipment racks – UPfit leaves no stone unturned to make each police car a high-tech crime-fighting machine.

The Advantages of Going Electric

Let’s talk about the perks of going electric, shall we? 

Police departments around the globe are hopping on the EV bandwagon for a multitude of reasons. 

Firstly, electric vehicles drastically reduce maintenance downtime, meaning officers can spend more time keeping our streets safe and less time in the garage. 

Plus, with zero emissions, these green machines are doing their part to keep our air clean and our planet happy.

Why Tesla, You Ask?

Now, you might be wondering, “Why Tesla? What makes them the chosen one?” 

Buckle up because here’s why. 

Tesla has earned its stripes as the uncontested leader in high-volume EV production. 

Nothing spurs one on like having a sea of fans cheering them on. They have demonstrated their worth through low ownership expenses, remarkable up-time, comprehensive infrastructure options, and a steadily increasing following. 

Did we forget to mention their impressive safety statistics? Tesla’s covered it with safety features, ensuring officers and the public stay safe on the roads.

No Waiting, Just Patrolling

Everyone is familiar with the frustration of delaying something, particularly when it involves updating a police fleet.

But fear not, dear reader! Tesla delivers lightning-fast support for your convenience. 

Unlike other brands, Tesla vehicles are ready to roll. They are ripe for up-fitting, unlike other brands that leave you twiddling your thumbs. 

Faster turnover translates to increased police presence, enhancing community security.

Unplugged Performance

What makes UPfit’s Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle stand out from the crowd? 

Unplugged Performance possesses extensive knowledge about tailoring Teslas to individual preferences. 

With such skilled individuals on board, you can relax knowing the most capable individuals are looking after your police car. 

The team’s commitment to quality and innovation gives each patrol car incredible powers, transforming them into guardian angels on wheels.

Taking Policing to New Heights

Now is the moment to part ways with history and embrace the upcoming with open hearts. Unplugged Performance’s customized Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle is more than just a means of transportation; it symbolizes our dedication to creating a better future. 

Global law enforcement organizations are now employing these electronic soldiers to initiate the shift into a novel age of policing.

Specification of Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle

Vehicle ModelTesla Model Y Police Vehicle
ManufacturerUnplugged Performance
Fleet DivisionUPfit
Base Price$91,990
PowertrainFully Electric
RangeSimilar to Ford Explorer-based vehicles
Acceleration (0-60 mph)Better than Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid
AccessoriesPolice-specific interior equipment, K9 containment and safety, Firearm and equipment racks, GPS and radio systems, Computers and accessories, Push bars and grille guards, and Air compressors and power tools.
Safety FeaturesTesla’s advanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, Collision avoidance systems, Advanced driver assistance systems and Tesla’s proven safety and performance record
AvailabilityReadily available for upfitting
Waiting PeriodNo waiting period for upfitting
ExpertiseUnplugged Performance’s 10 years of Tesla modification expertise ensures safe and reliable upfitting process


How fast is a Tesla police car?

The fast of a Tesla police car is more than 150 mph. It also varies depending on the model and the modifications made. Its electric powertrain can chase down the bad guys while leaving them in awe of its speed.

Will Tesla stop for a pedestrian?

Absolutely! Tesla will stop for a pedestrian, slow down, or choose not to stop. But the vehicles are equipped with advanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities, which include sophisticated sensors and cameras that can detect pedestrians and obstacles. 

Can Tesla do V2H?

No, Tesla doesn’t do V2H. Also, Tesla electric vehicles do not currently support V2L, V2H, or V2G. 

Who has the fastest police cars?

The fastest police car is Ford Police Interceptor Utility. It consists of a whopping 148 mph top speed, the quickest cop.

Final Thoughts

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The Unplugged Performance Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle transcends the status of a mere vehicle, and it’s a paradigm-shifting solution for law enforcement agencies. Its affordability, green credentials, and exceptional functionality propel this electric patrol car to the forefront of policing technology. 

Thus, revered reader, brace yourself. Take hold of the exciting prospect of policing with the innovative Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle by UPfit.


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