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TikTok Text Version is Here! Learn How to Create Text Posts on TikTok

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: April 05, 2024

With TikTok’s recently released text-based post option, you can now express yourself in a completely new way that goes beyond videos. 

The days of communicating your opinions through movies and photographs are over; now, you can also do it through text! 

Let’s explore the world of text postings on TikTok and learn how to make the most of this wonderful feature.

Here is How you Can Create a Text Post on TikTok (Follow the Steps)

It’s simple to create a text post on TikTok! In no time at all, you’ll be expressing your amazing insights. 

Here is a straightforward how-to for writing your first text-based post:

  1. Go to the “Camera” tab in the TikTok app after logging in.
  2. There are three options: photo, video, and text. Select “Text”.
  3. Write the words you wish to communicate on paper. Let your imagination go wild!
  4. After writing your content, you may further personalize your post by including sound, marking a place, enabling comments, activating Duets, adding stickers, choosing background colors, and more. Make it truly your own!

With 150 million American users, TikTok wants to snag even more of their attention and interaction. This move is a direct challenge to Twitter and Instagram. 

The Pros of TikTok Text Posts

TikTok’s text-based uploads offer a completely new degree of creativity. 

  • Expressive and Versatile. You don’t need movies or photographs to communicate your ideas, offer quotations, or tell compelling tales. Thanks to the ability to experiment with fonts, colors, and backgrounds, you have countless alternatives.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Text postings provide a new method to interact with your audience. A strong message or a funny phrase might occasionally have a greater impact than a video. Additionally, your audience may participate in the discussion by adding sound and enabling comments.
  • Straightforward and rapid: Posting content is simple and quick. It takes a different amount of time and work than filming and editing videos. Instant communication allows you to keep your material current and new.

The Cons of TikTok Text Posts

  • Visual Appeal: Text posts can be innovative but may not have the same visual appeal as engrossing videos or arresting images. Some people like watching videos more than reading text.
  • Length Restrictions: Like Instagram stories, TikTok text postings have a character restriction. This restriction could make sharing lengthy messages or describing in-depth stories easier. These limitations will need creativity to shine.
  • Rivalry with Established Platforms: TikTok directly rivals Twitter and Instagram thanks to its foray into text-based sharing. While it could draw some people, persuading others to leave behind popular platforms might be difficult.

The Rise of Text-Based Sharing

More companies are joining the text-based sharing market besides TikTok. When it debuted earlier this month, Meta’s Threads, an Instagram spinoff, quickly established itself as a formidable rival to Twitter

Over 100 million people signed up for Threads in less than five days after it connected with Instagram, but its growth has halted since then. The fight between two social media juggernauts will intensify with TikTok’s addition of text postings.

Impact on Social Media Landscape

In addition to challenging rivals, TikTok’s decision to include text-based submissions changes the dynamics of the social media environment. 

With additional ways for users to express themselves, the platform’s content is becoming more varied. Other social media businesses may consider additional features to stay competitive as TikTok’s user base expands.


How do you make TikTok text on one line?

After choosing the “Text” option on the Camera page, type out your message and make sure it fits within the character limit. Keep it concise, and let your words shine in a single line!

How do you change the duration of a TikTok text?

Adjusting the duration of your TikTok text is a breeze. Once you’ve added the text, tap on it, and a duration slider will appear. Slide it left or right to control how long your text stays on the screen. Play around with the timing to match your content perfectly!

How do I make TikTok auto-text?

Creating TikTok auto text is simple and fun! Select the “Text” option, type in your message, and tap the “Auto” button. This nifty feature will automatically time your text to match the length of your video. Effortless and effective!

How do I change the text layout on TikTok?

Personalizing your text layout on TikTok is a creative delight! After typing your text, tap on it to see various layout options. Explore the different styles like bold, italic, or changing the font size. Mix and match until you find the perfect layout to jazz up your content!

Final Thoughts

For content producers, TikTok’s new text-based post option is a game-changer. By enabling users to express their ideas differently, TikTok hopes to upset the current quo established by Twitter, Threads and Instagram with this feature. 

Observing how TikTok users receive this new feature and how it changes the social media landscape will be fascinating. So use your imagination and let your words do the talking on TikTok!


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