The Best Personal Style Blogs to Read Now

Avant Blargh

This is Bianca from Avant Blargh. She first came on our radar with her posts on the Lucky Community but after we checked her site out, it was clear she had style for days.

c/o Avant Blargh

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Digital Editor

These days, working at a fashion magazine has you reading quite a few style blogs. At Lucky we've always been fans and it seems like everybody on the team is constantly clicking around the web and our community looking for a little style inspiration. Of course, there are thousands of blogs to check out and with that comes a seemingly endless stream of homogenous posts. For a blogger to reallly get through—at least to me—they've got to show me something I haven't seen before. Style that is unique, a site layout that's clean, an appetite for photography and most of all: a discerning eye.

Those 20 minutes we all savor in the morning before the work day gets going are too precious to waste on something that isn't amazing. And with that, let me introduce you to 12 women who are killing it in the style department. Add them to your RSS, follow them on your twitter stream and maybe even take a style tip from them.