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Purslane Extract Skin Benefits

Medically reviewed by:
 Dr. Lucy Chen, MD – Board-Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Lucy Chen, MD – Board-Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Lucy Chen, MD, is a highly regarded board-certified dermatologist with a wealth of expertise in skin health, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. She is known for her commitment to patient care and her dedication to advancing the field of dermatology. Her journey is marked by academic excellence, specialized training, and a genuine dedication to […]

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By: Christina Davies
Updated on: April 05, 2024

The search for that sought-bright skin may sometimes seem like an endless trip in a world overflowing with cosmetic products and skin treatments. 

But what if I told you that a common yet effective substance called purslane extract might hold the key to unlocking the real potential of your skin? 

This unassuming plant extract has been making waves in the beauty sector with its myriad advantages that may make your skin sparkle like never before.

What Is Extract From Purslane?

A precious botanical product obtained from the Portulaca oleracea plant is purslane extract. 

Due to its amazing advantages, this understated ingredient has caught the attention of the skincare industry. 

Purslane extract is a natural superfood packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It reduces inflammation, fends free radicals, and keeps your skin’s moisture barrier intact. 

“It has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for its many healing properties,” says Dr. Lucy Chen.

Its adaptability is shown in how well it fits into different skincare products. 

Purslane extract enhances your regimen, bringing out a beautiful and refreshed complexion in serums and moisturizers.

Due to its rich scope of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that support healthier, more vibrant skin, it has recently made its way into skincare formulas.

Benefits of Purslane Extract

When dousing your skin with goodness, purslane extract doesn’t hold back. 

Natural elixir: Purslane Extract is a natural elixir that combats environmental aggressors, hydrates like a burst of morning dew, and delays the onset of aging.

Anti-inflammatory characteristics: Due to its anti-inflammatory features, this botanical miracle is a go-to for calming sensitive skin. 

Defenses against free radicals: It works in tandem with antioxidants to fortify your body’s defenses against free radicals, those annoying chemicals that can damage the youthfulness of your skin.

“It has even shown some benefit when applied to skin affected with psoriasis,” says Dr. Chen.

Preventing dryness and dullness: Additionally, Purslane Extract can support the skin’s natural moisture barrier, preventing dryness and dullness from taking hold.

How To Use It

The adaptability of purslane extract is what makes it so beautiful. 

It smoothly combines with a wide range of skincare products, from cleansers to hyaluronic acid serums, enabling you to customize your routine to your skin’s specific requirements.

Apply a serum containing purslane extract after cleaning your skin to help your skin to absorb all of its advantages. 

On the other hand, if you want to use a moisturizer infused with this extract, be sure to use it after your serum for the best results. 

To achieve the greatest results, remember that adhering to the product’s instructions is important.

Making Purslane Extract a Part of Your Routine

Purslane extract is a multifaceted component that may easily be used in various skincare products. 

The extract’s versatility is a plus for creating a customized routine catered to your skin’s requirements, from cleansers and serums to moisturizers and creams.

Make sure to apply a Purslane extract serum after your cleaning process. Using it at this point enables the nutrients in the extract to permeate the skin efficiently. 

Apply your moisturizer after your serum if it contains purslane extract. 

This layering method ensures that each product may function in concert with others to maximize the advantages for your skin.

The Best Products with Purslane

After uncovering the wealth of Purslane Extract’s advantages, it’s time to investigate the range of product suggestions that enable you to maximize its effectiveness. 

Here are five excellent choices that have drawn interest from fans of skincare:

Hanacure Nano Emulsion ($47.00): This emulsion, infused with the potency of purslane extract, seeks to restore the vitality of your skin and leave it smoother and plumper.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops ($50): These drops protect your skin from pollutants while including skin-friendly Purslane Extract to encourage a glowing complexion.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream ($48.00): This cream works wonderfully to maintain your skin’s moisture balance and reinforce its natural barrier by combining ceramides with purslane extract.

Paula’s Choice 20% Niacinamide Solution ($48.00): This product combats enlarged pores and uneven skin tone while nourishing it thanks to the additional advantages of niacinamide and purslane extract.

CT Organics Biofermented Purslane & Kelp Day Serum ($50): This serum is a powerful pair of hydration and regeneration thanks to Purslane and kelp ingredients, making it ideal for your midday regimen.

Fast Facts

DefinitionHerbal extract from Portulaca oleracea plant
Cosmetic UseSkincare products, serums, creams, masks
Impact on Skin TypesSuitable for most skin types, especially sensitive
Potential BenefitsAnti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing
DrawbacksPotential for allergic reactions
Usage FrequencyTwice a day- morning & night
CompatibilityHyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Niacinamide
PrecautionsPatch test if sensitive, discontinue if irritation
Recommended ForThose seeking gentle hydration and calm skin
How OftenEvery other day to avoid overuse
Works Well WithAloe vera, chamomile, glycerin
Don’t Use WithStrong exfoliants, harsh acids


What is the ingredient purslane in skincare?

Purslane, extracted from Portulaca oleracea, it’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants that calm, shield, and hydrate your skin. Think of it as a natural elixir for that fresh-faced glow!

Is Portulaca oleracea extract good for the skin?

Portulaca oleracea extract, aka purslane, is like a spa day for your skin. It’s a powerhouse of goodness – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-packed, and a moisture barrier superhero. It’s a VIP treatment in a bottle for your skin’s health and radiance.

Is purslane good for hair growth?

While purslane doesn’t have a backstage pass to your hair follicles, its vitamins, and antioxidants can promote scalp health. A happy scalp might set the stage for healthier hair growth, but remember, it’s more like a supporting act than the main show for luscious locks.

Is purslane good for eczema?

Purslane’s soothing vibes might be what your irritated skin needs. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help ease the discomfort of eczema. But like any skincare superstar, it’s best to chat with a dermatologist before letting it take the spotlight in your skincare routine.

Final Thoughts

Your Journey to Glowing Skin Begins Here

In a market flooded with skincare products, Purslane Extract stands out as a brilliant star that meets the demands of your skin on the deepest level. 

This botanical treasure has demonstrated its value throughout history, from its origins in traditional medicine to its current use in cosmetics.

Allow its gentle embrace, strong defense, and age-defying ability to lift your skin to new heights of beauty. Release the purslane extract’s power and allow your skin to tell a story of inner-glow natural beauty.


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