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The Best Beast: 2024 Lexus GX or Land Rover Defender?

By: Marvin Chung
Updated on: February 02, 2024

The Land Rover Defender and the Lexus GX, two automotive giants, will face a tough battle today. 

It’s like having to decide between two exciting blockbusters! 

Therefore, let’s buckle up and go on an adrenaline-pumping journey to discover who won the luxury 4WD competition!

The Lexus GX Is On The Prado Sensation

Get ready to meet the 2024 Lexus GX, the newest child on the Australian block! This SUV, which descended from the venerable Toyota Prado bloodline, is set to make an impact. 

The Prado is already well-liked in Australia, so the GX is poised to follow suit. With a robust 3.5-liter twin-turbo petrol V6 engine and a slick 10-speed automatic transmission, this ride packs a punch. 

We might not have official engine outputs yet, but if the GX’s LX sibling indicates, we can expect some severe muscle – around 305kW and 650Nm!

The Defender – A Versatile Off-Road Marvel

Let’s talk about the seasoned warrior – the Land Rover Defender

Already a familiar face on Australian roads since 2020, the Defender is here to rock your world. Sporting a fierce 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine that dishes out 294kW and 550Nm, this beast has permanent all-wheel drive and a dual-range transfer case for conquering treacherous terrain. 

The Defender isn’t just a car; it’s a personalized experience with a gazillion specs and accessorize-me packages. You can make it uniquely yours!

Comfort and Features – Embrace the Lap of Luxury

When pampering you and your crew, the GX and Defender know how to do it right. 

The GX is expected to flaunt a 14.0-inch multimedia touchscreen, advanced driver-assist tech, and three rows of seats for your entire squad. 

But wait, the Defender doesn’t stay behind! 

With its standard 11.4-inch ‘Pivi Pro’ multimedia system and advanced driver assistance systems, you’ll feel like you’re piloting a spaceship, not just an SUV. Talk about high-tech elegance!

Off-Road Capabilities

Okay, thrill-seekers, this is when the action starts to heat up! 

You can confidently handle rugged terrain because of the GX’s full-time all-wheel drive and low-range transfer case. 

But wait on—the Defender also has some cunning plans in store. Enter the Overtrail, a GX variation with an emphasis on off-roading. It has Toyota’s E-KDSS suspension, multi-terrain select, and a surround-view off-road camera, making it ideal for taming the wild.

Practicality and Towing – Prepared for the Haul

Are you bringing your toys or luggage on a weekend trip? 

Well, the Defender and GX have your back! 

With a braked towing capability of 3500 kg, these bad boys can easily manage your jet ski or trailer. 

The GX offers comfortable seating for six or seven people, while the Defender only gives room for five, providing you space for all of your favorite crew members.

A Taste of Luxury: How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s speak about the figures before you start your engines. 

Although the official prices for the GX have not yet been released, we may turn to its larger sibling, the LX 600, whose base price is $156,591 (excluding on-road expenses). 

Therefore, we may anticipate the GX to hover around the $100,000 range. 

The Defender starts on the opposing side of the ring at $97,970 before on-road expenses. Yes, it may increase with fanciful add-ons, but how much is an unadulterated joy worth?

Difference between 2024 Lexus GX Vs Land Rover Defender

Feature2024 Lexus GXLand Rover Defender
Engine3.5L Twin-Turbo Petrol V63.0L V6 Petrol
HorsepowerAround 305kW (Estimated)294kW
TorqueAround 650Nm (Estimated)550Nm
Transmission10-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic
DrivetrainFull-Time All-Wheel DrivePermanent All-Wheel Drive
Off-Road CapabilityFull-Time AWD with Low-Range TransferTerrain Response System
SuspensionDouble-Wishbones Front, Four-Link Rigid Axle Rear, and Adaptive Variable SuspensionIndependent Front & Rear Suspension with Optional Electronic Air Suspension
Towing Capacity3500kg (Braked)3500kg (Braked)
Seating Capacity6 or 7 Seats5 Seats
Multimedia System14.0-inch Touchscreen (Estimated)11.4-inch ‘Pivi Pro’ Multimedia
Advanced Driver-AssistLexus’ System of Advanced Driver-Suite of Advanced Driver Assistance
TechAssist TechSystems
Customization OptionsLimited Information AvailableGazillion Different Specs and
Price Range (Estimated)Around $100,000Starting at $97,970


Which Land Rover Defender is best?

The best Land Rover Defender is the HSE- the best trim level. But choosing the best Land Rover Defender depends on your needs. The Defender is great for families and adventure seekers. It also offers a more compact and elegant ride for city dwellers and off-road enthusiasts.

Why is the Land Rover Defender so popular?

The Land Rover Defenders is popular because of its legendary off-road capabilities, rugged design, and iconic heritage. It’s a versatile SUV that blends style, performance, and adventure. It makes it a favorite among both city slickers and outdoor adventurers.

Is Defender a luxury car?

Absolutely! The Land Rover Defender is a luxury SUV that retains its off-road prowess. It has premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and upscale features. Moreover, the Defender offers a high-end driving experience perfect for those seeking comfort and adventure.

How much horsepower does the 2024 GX have?

The 2024 Lexus GX has 349 horsepower. Therefore we can expect to have a powerful 479 lb torque V8 engine. 

Final Thoughts

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Ladies and gentlemen, join me on an exciting tour into the arena of high-end four-wheel drives as we see the Land Rover Defender and Lexus GX square off in 2024. 

The Defender astounds us with its excellent urban and off-road capabilities, while the GX delivers hyper-luxury and rough appeal with its Prado-based underpinnings.

Remember that each candidate has something unique to offer as you consider which steed to mount. 

Therefore, grab a seatbelt, embrace the voyage, and decide between the 2024 Lexus GX or the Land Rover Defender as your passport to exhilarating experiences and adventures you’ll never forget! 


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