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California King Size Bed Dimensions

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: April 05, 2024

When it comes to shopping for a new bed, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming, and one term that often comes up is “California King.” While it may sound like just another type of king-size bed, essential differences make it unique. This article will explore the California King size bed dimensions and how they differ from a standard King bed.

Understanding these differences will enable you to choose which bed is most suitable for your requirements and available space. So, let’s delve into the specifics of California King beds, uncovering the reasons why some may prefer them over the traditional standard King size bed and, ultimately, helping you choose the perfect bed for a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

What is a California King Size Bed?

The California king mattress, also known as the Cal king size mattress, the ‘Western king,’ stands as the second-largest standard mattress size available, offering a generous surface area of 6,048 square inches. Designed with couples in mind, it proves to be an excellent choice, particularly for individuals over 6 feet tall seeking a comfortable sleep experience.

At first mention, the term “California king” might lead some to assume it surpasses the regular king-size mattress. However, this is not entirely accurate. The key distinction lies in the length, as California king mattresses are actually narrower in width compared to their standard king counterparts.

While a standard king mattress typically measures 76 x 80 inches, the California king stretches to 72 x 84 inches. In essence, it adds 4 inches in length, making the full king sheets the perfect choice for taller individuals seeking comfortable sleep. For those considering this split king mattress, a minimum room size of 12 x 12 feet is recommended, but to fully accommodate its added length, a room size of 12 x 14 feet would be ideal.

Pros of California king-size mattresses

California king mattresses offer several advantages that make them popular among certain individuals and couples. Here are some of the pros of California king mattresses:

  • Ideal for Couples: The ample size of a California king mattress makes it an excellent choice for couples. It provides more space for both partners to spread out comfortably without disturbing each other during the night.
  • Luxurious Comfort: With its spacious dimensions, a California king mattress can offer a luxurious and opulent sleeping experience. The extra space can make the bed feel more inviting and accommodating.
  • Versatility in Room Layout: Due to its elongated shape, a California king mattress can work well in a variety of room layouts. It can fit nicely in both large master bedrooms and narrower spaces, giving you more flexibility in furniture arrangement.
  • Enhanced Support: The longer dimensions of a California king mattress can be especially beneficial for those who need extra support for their back or legs. It can help ensure proper spinal alignment and reduce pressure points.
  • Customizable Options: Many manufacturers offer customizable options for California king mattresses, allowing you to choose features like memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid constructions to suit your comfort needs.
  • Suitable for Adjustable Beds: If you have an adjustable bed frame, a split California king mattress is an option, where the mattress is split into two separate halves, allowing each partner to adjust their side of the bed independently.

It’s essential to consider your room size and personal preferences before choosing a mattress size. While California king mattresses offer numerous benefits, they may not fit everyone best. However, a California king can be an excellent choice for those seeking a spacious and comfortable sleep surface.

California King-Size Bed Properties Chart

Here’s a properties chart for a California King-size bed:

PropertiesCalifornia King-Size Mattress
Compatible Room Size13 feet by 19 feet
Surface Area6,048 square inches
Target AudienceReally tall adults, Couples
MobilityDifficult to move
Other NamesWestern King

Keep in mind that bed dimensions can vary slightly between manufacturers, so it’s always a good idea to double-check specific measurements when purchasing a California King-size bed.

What do you need to consider before choosing a California king bed?

Several important factors should be considered before selecting a California king bed to ensure the best mattress for your needs.

Room Size

One of the primary considerations is the size of your bedroom. Ideally, a California king bed should be placed in a spacious room with dimensions of at least 12 by 12 feet. This ensures that the bed fits comfortably and allows for easy movement around the room. If your room is smaller, you may opt for a smaller queen bed size to avoid cramming the space.

Bed Frame Size

When choosing a California king bed, it’s essential to select a compatible bed frame. The dimensions of the bed frame should match the mattress size, which for cal king-size bed, the bed frame is typically around 74 to 77 inches wide and 86 to 89 inches long. A properly sized bed frame ensures that the mattress fits snugly and provides optimal support.

Number of Sleepers

Consider the number of people who will be using the Cal King bed most regularly. California king beds offer ample sleeping space, making them suitable for couples or families with one child or pet. However, keep in mind that adding more than three sleepers may lead to space constraints and reduce individual comfort. In such cases, a larger bed size, like a king or oversized mattress, might be a better option.

Ease of Movement

Given the larger dimensions of a California king mattress, it’s crucial to ensure that it can fit through doorways, hallways, and other access points to your master bedroom alone. Measure the delivery path and consult with the store or online support team to ensure a smooth installation process.


California king beds may come with a higher price tag compared to standard king-size beds due to their less common popularity. Additionally, accessories such as sheets, box springs, bed frames, and bedding for California king queen-size beds also might have limited options and higher costs. Despite this, if the size and benefits of a California king are what you desire, the investment can be worth it.

You can confidently choose a California king bed that fits perfectly in your bedroom and meets your comfort needs while staying within your budget by considering these factors.

California king-size bed and mattress accessories

In addition to your mattress, there are several other bedroom essentials that can contribute to the restful night’s sleep you’ve been yearning for. Consider these must-have accessories for your California king bed to create a comfortable and cozy sleep environment:

California King Mattress Topper

Transform the comfort of your existing mattress with a plush mattress topper. This thick, removable cushioning layer adds both support and longevity to your bed, offering a luxurious improvement without the need to purchase a new mattress. Choose from various options like latex or down to suit your preferences.

California King Mattress Protector

Safeguard your mattress with a high-quality protector. It is crafted from soft cotton. This thin fabric sheet acts as a barrier against spills, stains, dust, allergens, and other particles. Your bed will remain clean and hygienic with a mattress protector, ensuring you always have a fresh sleeping surface.

California King Pillows, Sheets, and Pillowcases

Indulge in the softness of premium pillows, sheets, and pillowcases for ultimate comfort. These accessories not only bring an added level of coziness between you and the mattress but also offer crucial support for your neck and head. Don’t underestimate the impact of quality bedding on the quality of your sleep.

California King Comforters

Embrace peaceful slumber wrapped in a snug comforter. The gentle embrace of a comfortable comforter will lull you into a serene sleep, and you’ll wake up refreshed and energized. Choose a comforter that complements your style and climate for a dreamy retreat every night.

Incorporating these essential accessories into your California king bed allows you to transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and tranquility. Enjoy a restorative and rejuvenating night’s sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Additional Standard Mattress Sizes and Their Dimensions

In the United States, aside from the California king-size mattress, five other standard mattress sizes offer unique benefits and dimensions.

King Mattress

The king mattress is the largest standard size, measuring 76 inches by 80 inches. Despite its luxurious appearance, the king mattress is not just for indulgence; it serves as an ideal family bed. With ample space and regular king mattress size mattress dimensions, it accommodates partners, kids, or pets who like to share the bed. The increased surface area ensures everyone sleeps comfortably without disturbing each other.

Queen Mattress

The queen mattress is the largest among the smaller sizes and is highly recommended for couples who are not considering a king or California king bed. A queen-size mattress, measuring 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, offers ample space for two individuals or a single adult to sleep comfortably.

Full Mattress

Perfect for single sleepers who prefer a smaller yet spacious mattress, the full-size or double bed measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. While they might appear suitable for couples, they generally lack sufficient space to accommodate two people who co-sleep together comfortably.

Twin XL Mattress

The Twin XL mattress measures 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. This size is ideal for taller sleepers tall people who need extra legroom compared to a standard twin mattress. If you’re an adult seeking a compact and comfortable mattress, the twin XL may be the right choice for you.

Twin Mattress

The twin mattress is the smallest size that can comfortably accommodate both king and a single sleeper. Twin-size mattress measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long and provides an affordable option for sleepers under 6 feet tall.


Opting for a California King Size Bed can take your sleep experience to unparalleled levels of comfort and relaxation. With its generous dimensions and luxurious appeal, this bed size is a popular choice for couples, taller individuals, and families who love to snuggle up together. Remember to consider your bedroom space, test the mattress comfort, and explore bedding options before making a purchase. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights and helped you understand why the California King Size Bed is a superior choice for a restful slumber.

Sleep like royalty and wake up refreshed with a California King Size Bed!

FAQs about California King Size Bed Dimensions

What is the difference between a California King and a regular King Size Bed?

The main difference in cal king beds lies in their dimensions. The California King is longer but slightly narrower than the regular King Size Bed.

Can a California King Size Bed fit into a standard-sized bedroom?

While it’s larger than other bed sizes, a California King can fit into a standard-sized bedroom. However, it’s essential to measure the extra length of your room and plan the layout accordingly.

What type of mattress is best for a California King Size Bed?

The best mattress type depends on individual preferences. Memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses are popular choices for California King beds.

Are California King Size Beds suitable for tall individuals?

Yes, California King Size Beds are ideal for taller individuals, providing ample legroom for comfortable sleep.

Can I use regular King Size bedding on a California King Size Bed?

No, California King bedding is designed to fit the unique dimensions of this bed size. Using regular King bedding will result in an improper fit.

Are California King Size Beds worth the investment?

If you value extra space, comfort, and luxury in your sleep environment, a California King Size Bed is definitely worth the investment.


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