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Apple Electric Car: Everything You Need to Know (iOS integration?)

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: February 02, 2024

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! We know how Apple has rocked our worlds with groundbreaking products, from the revolutionary iPhone to sleek MacBooks. 

But hold on tight because the next big thing is on the horizon – the Apple Electric Car! 

Get set to take a thrilling ride through the details of this much-anticipated vehicle in the industry.

How did it Start?

Picture this: It’s 2014, and Apple kicks off “Project Titan,” an audacious venture to develop an electric vehicle with a dash of self-driving capabilities. They assemble a dream team of over a thousand car experts and engineers working secretly near their Cupertino headquarters.

However, the road to the Apple Car could have been smoother sailing. Internal struggles and leadership issues made the project buckle and resurge over the years. But guess what? Development is back on track, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

The Genesis of the iCar

If your question is, “When did Apple, the tech large, set its points of interest on the auto industry?” the rumors began way lower back in 2008.

But in 2014, the mysterious “Project Titan” came to light, giving more hope to Apple users. With more than a thousand car experts and ex-Tesla employees on board, Apple began working on an electric car with self-driving capabilities.


Hold on to your seats (literally)! The initial Apple Car design was like no other. It featured seats facing inward, making those road trips a face-to-face hangout extravaganza!

And that roof? It had a curvy vibe reminiscent of a Volkswagen Beetle. But as things evolved, Apple took a step back, shifting towards a more traditional electric vehicle with some self-driving flair.

Nonetheless, Jony Ive, Apple’s design wizard, is onboard as a consultant, advocating embracing the vehicle’s uniqueness and not hiding its sensors.


Now, let’s talk brains! Apple’s Silicon Engineering Group, known for crafting the M1 Macs and iPhones, is pulling off something remarkable – a revolutionary processor for the Apple Car. This powerhouse chip has four Mac chips’ worth of power and runs on neural processors.

Translation? It’s an AI genius capable of handling the complex demands of autonomous driving. But don’t worry, it’s also got an excellent internal cooling system to keep things chill.


When it comes to sensors, Apple is going for the gold! They’ve been in talks with suppliers, searching for the perfect LiDAR sensors. The goal is to find smaller, more affordable, and mass-produced sensors.

The chosen ones? Those from Wenmao, the same company behind the iPhone’s LiDAR magic. With these cutting-edge sensors, the Apple Car’s vision will be sharper.

Safety first, always!

Apple’s primary aim is to create the safest vehicle surpassing even the likes of Tesla and Waymo.

How? By building redundancies and backup systems to avoid potential driving system glitches. With safety at the forefront, you can ride confidently, knowing the Apple Car’s got your back.

From Futuristic to Functional

Initially, Apple aimed to create a fully-autonomous vehicle without a traditional steering wheel or pedals. The design envisioned a face-to-face seating arrangement, allowing passengers to chat away while the car handled everything.

However ambitious as it was, this dream was scaled back to a more traditional yet still innovative design.

Apple’s Electrifying Innovations

Let’s dive into what sets this electric car apart from the competition. Integration is the name of the game! 

Picture this: starting your car with your Apple device, performing voice-controlled tasks like calling or texting, and navigating quickly – thanks to the seamless iOS integration.

The Power Behind the Wheel

Driving an Apple car is going to be an extraordinary experience, thanks to the efforts of John Giannandrea, Apple’s AI and machine learning chief. He’s leading the development of an Apple chip that packs four times the power of four Mac chips combined! 

Along with LiDAR sensors and cameras, this beast will outshine other self-driving cars, including Tesla.

The Game-Changing Battery

Apple is still looking at just good software and design. They’re tackling the battery game head-on. 

The “mono cell” design they’re working on will maximize space, allowing for more charge in a smaller package and drastically reducing battery costs. Say goodbye to range anxiety!

The Futuristic Interior

You can expect Apple‘s sleek and stylish design language inside the car to continue its magic. A large iPad-style monitor will grace the dashboard, making you feel like you’re driving a spaceship. 

And guess what? You won’t need to tackle with buttons here! The car will read your hand gestures, taking futuristic tech to a new level.

Finding the Perfect Partner

We all know Apple has the cash to make this dream come true, but they’ve also realized that they need a helping hand from the automotive industry’s veterans. They’ve been searching for the perfect partnership to mass-produce the iCar. 

Rumors swirled about Hyundai and Nissan initially, but the talks fizzled out. The latest buzz suggests a joint venture with LG Electronics and Magna – a match made in electric car heaven!

The Road Ahead

Though Apple has been quite secretive about the car, one thing is crystal clear – they’re aiming for a 2026 release at a price point under $100,000. 

However, some skeptics wonder if they can keep this ambitious timeline due to the reorganization of their care team and internal challenges. It is Apple we’re rattling about! 


Is the Apple Car coming in 2026?

As of the latest information available, Apple aims to launch the Apple Car in 2026, though some uncertainties remain that could impact the release timeline. The cost of the car is expected to be under $100,000.

Will Apple release an electric car?

Yes, Apple will release an electric car in 2026. Apple has been running on an electric-powered automobile, the Apple Car or “iCar,” and its miles are expected to be released within the coming years.

How much is the Apple Car 2024?

However, Apple Car will be below $100,000 when it launches in 2026. As of 2024, there may be no official pricing facts for the Apple Car. 

Who is the supplier of Apple Car LiDAR?

Apple Car’s LiDAR supplier is the Taiwanese company Guangda based on the information in Economic Daily Report. But the technology has yet to be explicitly mentioned in the available information. However, it’s miles recognized that the auto will use LiDAR sensors, cameras, and radar sensors to enable self-sufficient using abilities.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks – the lowdown on the Apple Electric Car, the tech giant’s ambitious foray into the automotive realm. From integrating your Apple devices to groundbreaking battery tech and futuristic features, the iCar is set to dazzle us all. 

While some uncertainties linger, one thing is sure: if Apple does it, it will undoubtedly alter the automotive industry forever. Get ready to buckle up and embrace the exciting journey ahead!


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