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The Chevy Bolt is coming back! Big GM Announcement with a New Battery

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: February 02, 2024

Hello, fellow car enthusiasts! 

If you like electric automobiles, we have some interesting news for you. 

The Chevy Bolt is returning, and it will be better than ever! 

So strap in as we take you through all the newest information regarding the next-generation Bolt EV.

The Surprise Return

Just a few months ago, General Motors startled everyone by announcing the end of the current-generation Bolt. 

However, guess what? They’ve changed their minds, and they’re bringing it back! The explanation behind this decision is straightforward: people adore the Bolt! 

It was GM’s best-selling electric vehicle, and buyers couldn’t get enough of it. Unsurprisingly, they want to keep the Chevy Bolt‘s electric momentum going.

The Bolt’s popularity has risen, and the company is preparing to fulfill the increased demand. While we wait for the official launch of the 2018 Bolt, there’s little doubt that GM’s electrification journey is well underway. 

So, stay tuned for further details, and let us all embrace the electric future together!

The Cost Conundrum

“If the Bolt was so popular, why did they stop making it?” you may be thinking. The biggest concern was the high production expense. But don’t worry; GM has a strategy to address this issue. 

The new Bolt will be powered by GM’s cutting-edge Ultium platform, which will power the company’s future EVs. This technology claims a 40% cost savings compared to the older battery system.

The Bolt is projected to become considerably more inexpensive with the aid of Ultium, making it a true contender in the EV market.

A Fan-Favorite EV

Before its short departure, the Bolt won hearts and dominated sales charts. Customers praised its small size, fun-to-drive character, and, of course, the environmental credentials of an all-electric car

According to GM’s Q2 financial report, they delivered 33,659 Bolt EVs and EUVs in the first half of the year, a 360% increase over the previous year! To put things in context, the Hummer EV and LYRIQ EV could not compete with Bolt’s appeal.

Boosting Bolt Production

With such strong demand, GM is preparing to accommodate the requirements of electric vehicle enthusiasts. They have significant ambitions to scale up Bolt production, to produce 70,000 units in 2024 alone! 

It is a significant increase over the approximately 44,000 units produced in 2022. This increase in output will match consumer demand and allow more drivers to experience the joys of electric driving.

The Ultium Advantage

The Ultium platform will be essential to GM’s electrification efforts. It’s a game changer, enabling economies of scale and collaboration with new battery partners like LG Energy Solution. 

GM is spending billions of dollars on Ultium technology, and the benefits are evident. According to the company’s financial report for the second quarter of 2024, it made $2.6 billion, up from $1.7 billion the previous year. What a bright future!

What You Should Expect

What will the new Bolt bring to the table? Hold on tight since the information has yet to be released. For now, pricing, availability, and product specifications are being suppressed. 

But one thing is certain: GM is committed to developing an affordable, efficient, and enjoyable-to-drive electric vehicle that will win hearts and minds.


Are they making Chevy Bolts again?

Absolutely! GM has exciting news for all the Bolt fans out there – they are bringing back the Chevy Bolt! After a surprising exit, the next-gen Bolt is set to hit the roads with a bang, promising affordability, range, and advanced technology.

Will there be a 2024 Bolt?

As of now, There will not be 2024 Bolt. GM hasn’t officially announced a 2024 Bolt. But fear not because they are all-in on the next-gen Bolt! With their commitment to electrification and the Ultium platform, we can expect to see more amazing Bolt models in the future.

What is replacing Chevy Bolt?

Chevy Equinox EV replaces the next-gen Chevy Bolt. It is here to take the spotlight and replace the previous model. This new Bolt will utilize the advanced Ultium battery and drive technology, promising a better driving experience, improved affordability, and a longer range.

Is the Chevy Bolt going to be discontinued?

No worries, the Chevy Bolt is not going to be discontinued. They are back and better than ever! While the previous model faced some production issues, GM has learned from it and is now launching the next-gen Bolt with the cutting-edge Ultium platform. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, be ready for an exciting adventure as the Chevrolet Bolt makes a gorgeous return! GM intends to reintroduce the fan-favorite EV at a lower cost by utilizing the advanced Ultium platform. 

There you have it, folks! The Chevrolet Bolt is making a triumphant return, and we can’t wait to see it on the roads again, electrifying the automotive world!


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