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macOS Sonoma vs macOS Ventura: Is it worth upgrading?

By: Christina Davies
Updated on: February 02, 2024

Apple has unveiled its trendy Mac working device, macOS Sonoma, which is ready to launch later this year. With new features and improvements over its predecessor, macOS Ventura, users are eager to know what sets Sonoma apart. 

In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between macOS Sonoma and macOS Ventura, highlighting the new additions such as widgets, screensavers, upgraded video conferencing tools, Game Mode, Safari enhancements, and accessibility features. We’ll also address the critical question: Should you upgrade to macOS Sonoma?

What’s New in macOS Sonoma compared to macOS Ventura?

1. Widgets

macOS Sonoma introduces the ability to place widgets directly on the desktop, making them easily accessible. All you need to do is, drag and drop to the desktop. Previously confined to the Notification Center, devices now provide interactive mini-apps with quick access to information and functions. You also can use iPhone apps. Does that sound good?

2. Screensavers

Sonoma offers new visually stunning screensavers featuring high-definition images that transform into stationary pictures when users interact with their Mac. These screensavers add a touch of customization and beauty to the desktop experience.

3. Upgraded Video Conferencing Tools

macOS Sonoma enhances video conferencing with the Presenter Overlay feature, which places the presenter in the foreground and shared screens in between. The two main techniques implemented are the Center Stage and Continuity Camera feature. The Center stage ensures you are in the middle of the screen through the cropping technique. The  Continuity Camera enables to use allows to use iPhone cameras. 

It also allows participants to respond with animations triggered by hand gestures, adding a touch of liveliness to video calls. Sharing content from apps during video calls is now easier, improving collaboration and productivity.

4. Game Mode

Addressing a traditional weak point, macOS Sonoma introduces Game Mode to optimize gaming performance. This feature directs the CPU and GPU resources toward gaming workloads, improving the gaming experience. Additionally, Sonoma offers improved audio latency for AirPods and enhances connectivity with Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

5. Safari Enhancements

Safari, Apple’s web browser, receives further enhancements in macOS Sonoma. Private Browsing mode now offers extra layers of security by blocking tracking and profiling attempts by web pages.

Users can also create dedicated profiles to separate their browsing history, cookies, favorites, and tab groups, providing a personalized web experience. Sonoma introduces the ability to turn websites into web apps, enabling quick access from the dock without opening a browser window.

6. Accessibility 

macOS Sonoma continues Apple’s commitment to accessibility. The Live Text feature allows non-verbal individuals or any to have their Macs speak the words they type, promoting inclusivity.

Made for iPhone, hearing devices can now be used on Macs, and voice controls are improved to assist those with mobility difficulties. Sonoma builds upon the accessibility features introduced in macOS Ventura, making the operating system more accessible to a broader range of users.

Should I Upgrade to macOS Sonoma?

Consider upgrading, if your Mac is compatible with macOS Sonoma. The new functions and enhancements beautify the user experience, offering increased customization alternatives, improved video conferencing abilities, optimized gaming performance, more vital web browsing, and accessibility capabilities. Sonoma offers a more refined and versatile operating system.

While macOS Ventura may still meet your needs, the new features and improvements in Sonoma significantly upgrade functionality and user experience.


What is the macOS Sonoma version?

The macOS Sonoma model is the new release of Apple’s Mac-running gadget, set to be released later this year. It introduces new capabilities and improvements over preceding variations, improving the user experience.

Is Ventura for Mac good?

Ventura for Mac is a reliable operating system with a stable and functional experience. While it may not have the latest features and advancements of newer versions like Sonoma or Monterey, it still provides a solid foundation for Mac users.

Which macOS is better, Monterey or Ventura?

Monterey and Ventura are both previous versions of macOS. However, Monterey is generally considered a more advanced and feature-rich version than Ventura. It offers new capabilities such as Universal Control, Focus mode, enhanced FaceTime, and improvements in Safari and privacy features.

Is it worth updating Mac to Ventura?

Whether updating your Mac to Ventura depends on your specific needs and preferences. Suppose you are content with the features and functionality offered by Ventura and do not require the additional enhancements of newer versions. In that case, there may be no immediate need to update. 

Final Thoughts

macOS Sonoma brings many new features and improvements compared to its predecessor, macOS Ventura. The new features and improvements bring added convenience, productivity, and enjoyment to your Mac experience, making the upgrade worthwhile.

Check Apple’s official website for compatibility requirements and guidelines to ensure a smooth upgrade process. Embrace the new era of macOS with Sonoma and enjoy the enhanced capabilities it brings to your Mac.


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