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@CondeElevator, An Unconfession

On Sunday night, pizza in hand, I happened across a curious new twitter: @CondeElevator. It tweeted all the typical clichés of a Conde Nast staffer, whining interns, frightened assistants and power playing editors. At that point, the account had about 60 followers but when I woke up the next morning it had thousands. By now, it's the population of a small country. Of course, everybody began to speculate who was behind it-former interns, competing publishers, dog-walkers, security guards, delivery boys, and most recently, myself. Yesterday, a friend tipped me off that SheFinds.com published a post saying they had a hunch on the identity-that identity being mine. The item mentioned my name. Awesome, great, stoked. Later that evening, the piece was taken down. Even later that evening, it was back without my name but enough details to point to me. The post also claimed I was the one behind @NoBtoTheS, a particularly honest and scathing feed from a PR pro-which is also untrue. To their credit, they said it was all just a guess-but a guess on the internet is fact to so many. Anyway, that led to inquiries from ABCNews, Gawker, The Washington Post and random people convinced they'd cracked this flavor-of-almost-a-week. Most recently, according to The Daily Beast, sources say disciplinary action is only hours away and I'm shaking in my Tretorns. On a personal note, according to another tipster, I'm "not particularly well known"-I'll nurse my wounded ego later.

Consider this my first and last word on the subject, I am not @CondeElevator.

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