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Reel Fashion: Movie Character Designers We Wish Actually Existed

Even though we're in the throngs of fashion month, we can't help but think of a few designers who aren't showing this season. Well, they actually never show, because they aren't real...but we wish they were. Some of our favorite movies have starred fashion designers so good that we wish we could see their collections season after season. We've rounded up our favorites from the silver screen: click through to check them out.

Chenille Reynolds

Save the Last Dance

The Story: Chenille is best friend to main character (and Juliard hopeful) Sarah Johnson. Sarah's life is turned upside down after her mother dies and she moves from suburban wonderland to inner-city Chicago. With Chenille's help, she assimilates rather well and discovers a whole new side of the dance world.

The Clothes: Okay, her design skills aren't exactly prevalent in the movie but she does mention wanting to go to fashion school while showing Sarah a dress she's making for a friend. And she manages to style Sarah for her debut night at the club. Do we think she has potential? Anybody who dances like Chenille and has that much attitude has major potential.

Favorite Quote: "It's country and you look country in it."

Paramount, Everett Collection

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