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Shirley Manson Gives Lana Del Rey Her Seal of Approval

Nicole Nodland

Lana Del Rey, the voice behind hit song "Video Games," has been getting a lot of flack in the music blogosphere. Initially positioned as an indie artist named Lizzy Grant, it's fairly obvious that Lana's look and sound is more pop than anything, which has irked plenty of music snobs. Admittedly, we're not necessarily exempt from being snobs ourselves, but manufactured look and lack of "indieness" aside—we think her music holds up.

Amy Klein, bandmember of Titus Andronicus, points out that whether or not Lana is authentic may not be the issue, but that her image and point of view may not quite be in line with the way we'd hope our culture perceives women. "Lana Del Ray is sitting at home waiting for you to come home so she can fix you dinner and a drink. Lana Del Ray is waiting for you to come home so she can watch you play video games on the couch and ignore her all day until it’s time for bed. Lana Del Ray is waiting for you to come home so you can go to bed and act out all of your wildest fantasies, which is exactly what she wants to do—what you want to do, that is. Lana Del Ray is waiting for you because she is your mirror."

Perhaps she's being judged too harshly for someone with real talent. We were psyched to hear that one of our favorite female front women, Shirley Manson, strongly endorses the artist, having been moved to tears by one of her songs.

"I’m obsessed with 'Video Games' by Lana Del Rey," Manson told us. "Absolutely obsessed by that song. Her whole story is fascinating on so many levels. To me, the music really stands up on its [own]. Whether people believe in her or not I don’t care. The music is so strong."

"I first discovered 'Video Games' by total default," she continued. "I was just mooching around on the internet. I sat on my bed on a Friday night and played it over and over again crying to the point where my husband was like, 'honey, you need to shut the computer now.'"

Manson's stamp of approval is all we needed to keep believing in Lana Del Rey. Since when do females musicians need to be one of two extremes: overly eccentric or a modestly dressed hipster? Not that we don't love Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but we think it's about time the industry made room for something new.

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