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Fake Designer Collaborations That Should Be Real

If you’re a designer and you’re not collaborating with other designers then there’s something wrong with you. It’s so huge right now. And what about Proenza X Osh Kosh? Can someone get Jack and Lazaro in a room with these overall peeps already? Godiva X Target. I can’t believe it’s not Godiva! This entire story is a joke, so don’t get mad. Put on your Mary Katranzou x Topshop (this one is real and it’s really dope) and click through!

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Christian Louboutin X LA Lights

You remember LA Lights, right? The shoes by LA Gear that lit up when you walked. I can't speak for everyone, but for an 8-year-old midwestern girl there was no better thing that could have happened to my feet. So why relegate this genius technology to sneakers? I want my studded booties to be lighting up all over 4 Times Square.