50 Unique Engagement Rings

White diamonds and platinum settings not your thing? Click through to shop 50 out-of-the-box engagement rings instead.

For the girl who wants a barefoot wedding on the beach.

For a bride who like to switch up her look: since this ring breaks into three bands, there are a lot of styling possibilities.
Look closely: those are custom silhouettes—foreheads, noses, lips and chins—sculpted in each of those bands. (It's two percent creepy and 98 percent amazing.)
Create your own heirloom.

If you aren't into center stones, opt for this elegant, sinuous shape instead.

For the girl who loves cat motifs, Zooey Deschanel and vintage aprons.

Like those Hard Candy bottle-toppers from childhood, but so much sweeter.

Proof that traditional settings need not look cookie-cutter.

With her future married initials engraved, it'd be a cute and sort of sneaky way to propose.
I don't know if it's just the NeverEnding Story name, but there's something very "fantasy world princess" about this.
According to my research, lillies are symbolic of long-lasting relationships.
A little mystical, but not overtly so.

Why do just one diamond when four's an option?
It may say Victorian, but this reads Game of Thrones to us. (And that is awesome.)

Now we know: sapphire, red diamonds and gold make the most perfect mix.
Embrace the colored stone wholeheartedly.
More mesmerizing than most diamonds we've seen.
Is the best part the claw-like prongs, deep topaz color or moody gray diamonds? We can't decide.
That surprising matte finish gives it extra allure.
Best with an empire-waisted bridal gown and a wreath of wildflowers.
The decoration on the band sold us.

Jane Jetson's engagement ring?
Perfect for girls who reads Virginia Woolf on the subway.

Get the look of a big setting with worrying about snags.
Flips the traditional solitary diamond engagement ring on its sparkly, platinum head.

For LARP weddings (with a reception at Medieval Times).
Intricately worked into a larger design, this heart motif is more subtle (and more special!) than most.
An artist would appreciate the surprising—yet so, so simple—design.
Whether its twisted shape reminds you of neverending love or a soft pretzel, this ring clearly stands for very good things.
If Indiana Jones found an engagement ring among his treasures, it'd look like this.

Start with something pointedly unassuming, then build it up at major anniversaries. (Or don't.)
That little jolt of color gives it life, but isn't overwhelming.
Quiet and unassuming—but freakishly gorgeous.
We love the simple, sweet, Jolly Rancher-like look of it.
It says "marry me," which is great for a dude who really, truly just can't find the words.

Perfect for girls who own seven tubes of Clinique Black Honey lipstick and can recite Twilight by heart.
Because some people have sentimental numbers. (Katy Perry and Russell Brand did. Maybe that's a bad example....)

Totally romantic, but not at all showy.

After the wedding, it works well Nicole Richie-style: with maxi dresses and headscarves.

A confetti of colored stones for indecisive ladies.
Like an itty-bitty charm necklace for your left hand ring finger.
One for you, one for your sweetheart.
Stash something old, borrowed or blue in there (not new, though—the ring already is!).
The sleek, modern setting stands out, but not in a tradition-flouting, eyebrow-raising way.
Just the right fit for an exotic destination wedding. (It'll look great with an elephant and a sari.)
Indulge your Pretty Pretty Princess roots in a grown-up, ladylike fashion.
The barely-there double band really lets the diamond stand out.
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Lots of people waffle on what their ideal engagement ring would look like: Asscher cut, white gold band, yellow gold band, cushion cut...maybe some pavé if things get crazy. But since they usually stick within the center-set, transparent diamond template, those people probably wouldn't want one of the rings above, which play outside those traditional parameters.

We'd proudly wear at least seven of them to the altar, but even if you wouldn't want a single one as an engagement ring, you can't deny how fun they are to look at, thanks to their colored stones, creative bands and surprising settings. (Or, you can, but only after clicking through all 50 slides and sending us an email detailing why none of them amused you at all. Go for it.)