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Rachel Zoe Shares Style and Career Advice at Our FABB Conference

Rachel Zoe arrived at our FABB conference this morning with lots to be happy about. Her hit Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project had just been picked up for another seaon, and she was wearing an amazing pair of black bell-bottom trousers—of her own design, of course.

After explaining the secret behind her flattering trousers ("Nip them in right at the knee. They'll make you legs longer—I swear!"), the stylist/reality star/designer shared more advice from her vast experience in the fashion industry, and offered further insight into her busy life.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • On being confident, but not overly so: "The minute you start to feel it's easy, you start to slip a little."

  • On why she loves social media: "There is no better way to communicate with the world than through social media."

  • When her next book is coming out: "Sometime in 2013. I'm aiming for spring, but that could mean summer."

  • On all the (false!) rumors that her brand is failing and her show is getting cancelled: "At the end of the day, you hope that journalists fact-check. I've learned to take the high road."

  • On her style as a designer: "I've always, always drawn inspiration from my icons—Bardot, Ali MacGraw, Jane Birkin, Diane von Furstenberg. I basically design for the person that I dream to be. I want the pieces to be wearable, sophisticated and classic."

  • On bringing her son to her mostly-female office: "It's important that my son is surrounded by 30 women every day."

  • The inspiration for her S/S 2013 collection: "If Mick Jagger was a women in the late '60s."

  • Her interpretation of glamour: "I want it to be easy—effortless and easy."

  • Her styling tip for wearing winter coats: "Put your heavy coat on your shoulders, it looks kind of gangster-cool."

  • Her advice for succeeding with a clear conscious: "Always be nice to people. Don't step on people to get where you want to in this business."

  • On motherhood: "It's the most grounding thing that will ever happen to you. Things that use to be like, five-alarm fires don't even make me blink."

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