Eva Chen's First-Ever Editor's Letter!

I swooned when I tried on this floral leather dress for the first time.
It’s on the very top of my wish list.


    Running in heels is a skill, one that I’ve honed over the span of 10 years in the fashion industry. In my experience—mad dashes for taxis at the tents of New York Fashion Week, sprints to the front of the checkout line at sample sales—the best tactic is to concentrate your weight into the ball of your foot and toe. I like to think of Usain Bolt pushing off the starter’s block at the Olympics. Look at the surface you’re running on to check for unexpected potholes. And use your handbags as a balancing mechanism.
    A few weeks ago, I employed these skills in New York City’s Union Square, where I spotted a holographic green-blue snap-back cap shimmering through the crowd. I dashed across the street in pursuit of the fashion mirage—narrowly avoided being flattened by a UPS truck—and managed to stop the woman before she entered the subway. The woman, it turns out, was Heidi Lee, the hat designer herself, and she was both gratified and perplexed that someone would risk her life to find out about her work.
    This sort of fashion obsessiveness (not the near-death experience)—is what makes Lucky. From its launch in 2000, Lucky’s been the magazine for the shopping obsessed, by the most shopping-obsessed editors. To mention but a few of the key players who put together this month’s issue: There’s our intrepid accessories editor Melissa Lum, who called in hundreds of pairs of shoes to find the perfect 26 pairs for our comprehensive shoe guide. Melissa did the impossible this month, making me want a pair of over-the-knee boots this fall. There’s Jean Godfrey-June, bona fide beauty legend, who writes about beauty products so vividly that her Beauty Closet column is a feast for the senses. And this month, there’s the incomparable Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, the original editor-as-street-style-star and quite possibly the world’s biggest fan of high-low shopping (the halls echoed with her exclamations of rapture upon learning of H&M’s New York City showroom).
    The aforementioned editors, along with the rest of the Lucky team, have style in spades. But as effortless as they make it seem, I’m sure they’d all agree that finding their personal style took time. I know that for me, finding my look wasn’t a destination but a journey with the most unexpected twists and turns. As you, dear reader, embark on your own great fashion adventures, let Lucky be your guide to the best of the season—a license, if you will, to shop.