Taylor On Those Belly Button Rumors

And more in our December/January issue cover story.

Get Cara Delevingne's Cool-Girl Style

When it comes to her look, Cara Delevingne, like a lot of us, channels Kate Moss.

Olivia Palermo Shares Her Fashion Secrets

Order your copy of the Special Edition now.

Eva Chen's November Editor's Letter

There is nothing I am more obsessed with than the weather.

20 Insanely Stylish Trailblazers

These trendsetters prove that America's got talent—in spades, and stars and stripes!

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Taylor Swift Finally Addresses Those Belly Button Rumors In Our December/January Issue!

Our December/January cover star Taylor Swift finally addresses all of the speculation surrounding her belly button in our latest issue, and her answer is not quite what you'd expect!

How To Get Cara Delevingne's Cool-Girl Style In Four Steps

When it comes to her look, Cara Delevingne, like a lot of us, channels Kate Moss.

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We've Found It: The Perfect Choker

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The Beauty Closet: Drew Barrymore's Genius Pencil

Light but rich with pigments. Bright but understated. Offhand yet deliberate. Wildly deluxe yet $10. Just like its creator (famous yet down-to-earth, serious but silly, gorgeous yet approachable), full of opposites and utterly irresistible.

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The Big Chill: How To Stay Warm While Looking Cool

Beat the cold without sacrificing style in these classic-with-a-twist pieces.

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