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Slim & Strong - New York City

Ariane Hundt, founder of Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, leads this results-oriented month-long indoor program that combines a fat-burning workout (with weights, squats and cardio) and food advice (in addition to being a trainer, she’s also a nutritionist). You’ll track your success with before-and-after measurements and photos. $350 per month, brooklynbridge

As One - New York City

The well-credentialed mega-athlete founders here really know their stuff, including the fact that carrying sandbags, lugging ropes, running stairs and doing a trillion squat-thrusts turns the average woman into a super-svelte athlete. $560 for 16 classes,

Bassett's Boot Camp at Pure Yoga - New York City

Yoga’s first drill sergeant is Loren Bassett, who leads intense yoga/cross-training classes where vinyasa sequences segue into burpees, mountain climbers with gliders and high-intensity cardio with strength training—all in a 105-degree room. No child’s pose here.

Exhale Six-Week Core Evolution - Boston

At Battery Wharf and Exhale locations nationwide. The combination of weekly one-on-one nutrition consults and unlimited Core Fusion classes (centered around barre work and free weights) should majorly help you along the way to a dancer body. Aim for four classes a week, including more cardio-centered variations like Core Fusion Sport. $925,

Lithe Method - Philadelphia

This incredibly popular studio is responsible for 
99 percent of the high butts and flat abs in Philly. The fat-burning classes use resistance bands that dangle from the ceiling, and the tough, toning barre classes have names like “Skinny Jeans.” Go for three classes per week. 

Sergeant's Room - Washington, D.C.

“Be All You Used to Be” is the slogan at this no-frills, no-nonsense workout where the trainers (many of them vets) expect you to sign on for five classes’ worth of tough love per week: four dedicated to strength training, 
core work and flexibility, and one that’s pure cardio. $199 for three months,

Flywheel and Flybarre -Miami

Also in New York. For a seriously slimming self-guided program, pair the popular spin and barre classes. The ideal weekly blend: three Flywheel indoor cycling classes (a 45-minute session torches 500-plus calories) for cardio and two 60-minute FlyBarre classes to tone and elongate muscles. $25,

Tabata at Equinox - Chicago

Julie Valenti packs the house for her high-intensity class at Equinox Lincoln Park for a reason: Three classes a week will transform you. Expect squat thrusts, planks and little downtime. 
$149 to $183 for a 
monthly membership,

Metcon3 at Equinox - Dallas

Expect muscle fatigue and all-out breathlessness during this demanding class featuring three 10-minute rounds of “real life” exercises incorporating cardio bursts and eight-pound weights. The good news? You only need to do it twice a week. $130 to $240 per month,

SWL Booty Camp - Seattle

The Boom-Boom-Pow is just one of the intense moves 
at this playful, noncompetitive, women-only workout that melts muffin tops and firms backsides—without adding bulk. 
The crack-of-dawn four-week outdoor series includes four 
workouts a week. 
$199, seattleweightloss

Start Fitness - San Francisco

Ken Weichert isn’t playing: This master fitness trainer for the Army National Guard has spent the past 15 years whipping Pacific Heights women into shape with his five-day-a-week program. Classes mix intense military calisthenics with killer kickboxing drills and cadence calls. $140 for 10 classes or $135 to $290 per month,

Lacey Stone Booty Camp - Los Angeles

Also in New York. Super-positive firecracker Stone is poised to become the next Jillian Michaels. Her tough early-morning outdoor boot(y) camps in L.A. and New York City magically make sprints, push-ups and squats super-fun. $300 to $350 for eight weeks of classes,

Barry's Bootcamp - Los Angeles

Also in Nashville 
and New York. 
Do 15 minutes of treadmill sprints, 
hop off and do a bundle of weights, squats and push-ups—then repeat. That’s the fun and fast-acting recipe of this dress-size-dropping workout done in a glam studio discoed out with red lights and pumping music. $24 to $32,

Crossfit - Nationwide

Available in dozens 
of cities, this strength and conditioning program has some very butch credentials: It’s used to train police 
and military special-ops units—so there! Expect feats-of-strength challenges and endurance intervals, like 30 jump-
ups on a 20-inch 
box, 50 push-ups and 30 reps of hurling a 14-
pound ball. $10 to $20,

Escape to Shape Retreats

Various locations A mere 11 guests at a time experience these intensely fitness-focused retreats featuring daily four-hour hikes followed 
by spin and yoga classes. You’ll eat raw food for two days, then organic calorie-controlled cuisine. $4,500 to $6,000 per week, escapetoshape​.com

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