Karlie Kloss Cover Story

Molly Young flees paparazzi and fends off thunderstorms to give us a snapshot of life with Karlie.

20 Insanely Stylish Trailblazers

These trendsetters prove that America's got talent—in spades, and stars and stripes!

Style Conversation with Jason Wu

Designer Jason Wu and model-muse Jacquelyn Jablonski on why loyalty might just be the key.

Over the Rainbow

After years of living brightly on the color spectrum, writer Sloane Crosley goes back to basics.

Top That: The Best Coats For Fall

Get cozy in the season's standouts—from floor-sweeping dusters to plush pastel teddy coats.

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It's Their World ... (We're Just Keeping Up With It)

The Kardashian sisters talk weddings, clothes and plans for total global domination.

The Sexiest Unpadded Bras

Q: I don’t have huge breasts—and I like it that way. But all the unpadded un-pushup bras are super un-sexy. Help! A: It’s true. It’s a challenge to not look like the missing Girl Next Door if you want any kind of support in this world.

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky Should You Cover Up a Breakout

Q: Should you or should you not cover up a breakout? A: Makeup artists often give the deeply unhelpful and uncheering advice that everyone can see it anyway so why try to cover it up?

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Mature Makeup

Q: I’m 27 and don’t look old enough to buy beer. Is there makeup that can help me look less preteen? A: Tasteful neutral eyeshadow plus a sweep of bronzy blush is sophisticated in a way that screams “I voted in the last election!”

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky What Looks Good With Flats

Q: I’m a total heels girl. What looks good with flats? A: Flat sandals and/or boots, somehow, can be just as sexy if not sexier than heels.

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Colors and Prints for Curvy Girls

Q: What colors/prints should girls with curves stay away from? A: Clothes with large, loud prints will make anybody look like a sofa if they’re too tight—and like hotel drapes if they’re too loose.

The Look I Want Now! Quirky Cubicle

"Work pieces with edge are my way of not feeling like a character from Office Space."

Weisz & Virtue

She's the thinking woman's movie star, true. But that doesn't mean Rachel Weisz doesn't have very-very-strong opinions about footwear.

My Mom, the Style Icon: Jo Miller

At a modish party in Austria, Jo Miller, mother of Sienna and Savannah, epitomized the chic, easygoing style that continues to inspire her daughters today.

Jessica Alba's Maternity Must-Haves

How the star stays stylish and comfortable during those nine long months.

Cute Outfit of the Day

What our editors are wearing the week of June 13, 2011.

Summer's Trickiest Trends, Decoded

Because your shape shouldn't dictate your wardrobe.
From the July 2011 issue.

Cute Outfit of the Day

What our editors are wearing the week of June 6, 2011.

Cute Outfit of the Day

What our editors are wearing the week of May 30, 2011.

Cute Outfit of the Day

What our editors are wearing the week of May 23, 2011.

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