15 Non-Gimmicky Ways to Dress Like The Great Gatsby

If you're anything like us, you're awaiting the May 10 release date of Baz Luhrmann's hugely-hyped The Great Gatsby with bated breath. You're also likely a sucker for 1920s style, from the dramatic feathered headpieces and beaded-all-over flapper dresses down to the two-tone kitten heels.

But here's the thing: those sorts of styles, lovely as they may be, can come off as seriously costumey in real life (unless it's Halloween or your destination happens to be the Jazz Age Lawn Party on New York's Governor's Island, in which case you get a free pass to dress as theme-y as you'd like). So how's a girl to channel her favorite Roaring Twenties literary classic without looking like an (admittedly super-chic) extra from Luhrmann's forthcoming period flick? Below, we've rounded up a handful of baubles, dresses, footwear and accessories that are undeniably Jazz Age-inspired but utterly appropriate for modern-day wear. Mixed in with your go-to pencil skirts, white tees or skinny jeans, they'll lend your look a hint of Gatsby glam without going overboard. Just don't wear all of 'em at once, OK?

These metallic, tassel-trimmed loafers could've come straight out of Jay Gatsby's own closet.