How to Dress Like a New Yorker

Ankle Boots

Living in New York without good ankle boots is like living in Hawaii without solid sandals. Pretty much every girl I know here has a pair. They look great with both Alexa Chung-y sundresses in summer and layered, model-off-duty looks in winter. They're necessary.

Digital Fashion

It's Fashion Week in New York again, which means a shortage of available taxis and a surplus of crazily dressed, street-style-photographer-courting people. It's a bit of a jarring jump, since normally this city teems with wardrobes as cool as they are practical. It's not all-black everything here like some caricature in Sweet Home Alabama would have you believe (unless you're a PR girl or event planner or Broadway stagehand, in which case, yeah).

Instead, the backbone of NYC style is something broader—a polished sort of resilience, maybe. Less over-the-knee gladiator sandals with stiletto heels, more chunky ankle boots you can actually walk home from dinner in (because you'll often need to). I guess it's pretty natural that the city that never sleeps or drives anywhere lends itself to a few fitting style hallmarks, pieces that are good for long days without a car to store a change of outfit.

Below are some of my favorites of those staples, as well as a few inexplicably New York-y things that are less of a utility than an acquired taste. Together they make up the streeotypical New York wardrobe. Click through to shop them all, and you'd fit in in New York City any day of the year—except, you know, during Fashion Week. Then you need some giant gold cherries on your head.