EXCLUSIVE: Leftover Cuties' "One Heart" Video Is a Total Prohibition-Era Party

Fronted by Israeli-bred beauty Shirli McAllen, West Coast jazz-pop group Leftover Cuties combines unconventional instruments—ukelele and accordion, anyone?—to create a unique sound that's equal parts past-era and progressive. The band's sophomore album The Spark & The Fire (pictured at left) drops on July 23, after which we're expecting this under-the-radar quartet won't stay a secret much longer.

Filled to the brim with parasols, pearls and lots of good old-fashioned foot-stomping, the band's brand-new video for "One Heart" has all the trappings of a Prohibition-era barn raising party—and we mean that in the very best sense. Sporting a vintage-y white lace dress, a striking bobbed wig and the most major set of lashes imaginable, McAllen oozes Billie Holiday-esque charm as she winds her way through a pretty plantation-style estate with an equally sharp-looking cast of characters in tow. Check it out below—and if you like what you hear, head over to to download the track for free!

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