EXCLUSIVE: Sugar Paper Teams With J.Crew On The Cutest Bridal Collection Ever

Click through for your first look at the entire Sugar Paper for J.Crew bridal collection—along with pricing!

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It may be the season of giving (and receiving!), gorging on gingerbread cookies and shopping 'til we drop—but lest you forget, we're also in the midst of engagement season. Yep, the stretch of time between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day is more proposal-packed than any other period during the year. Why? In addition to spending lots of time with family, winter's all about cuddling, getting cozy—oh, and all the sparkly stuff everywhere probably doesn't hurt, either.

To that end, J.Crew couldn't have picked a better time to launch a special collection of bridal-appropriate paper goods—and they picked the perfect partner, Los Angeles-based stationery company Sugar Paper, with whom to do so. Launching next week, Sugar Paper for J.Crew consists of 13 stunning stationery must-haves, including cards, gift tags, note sets, coasters, place cards and—perhaps the pièce de la résistance—a wedding planner book. All done in a soft, wedding-perfect palette of blush, dove grey, white and gold, the collection incorporates personal touches like hand lettering, scalloped edging and teensy irregular dots—accents that wouldn't look out of place in J.Crew's ready-to-wear collections, if you think about it. Retailing from $6.75 (for single cards) to $54 (for the planner), the whole lineup hits Jcrew.com on December 26—but until then, click through the slideshow above for a first look at every item in the collection, along with pricing! And read on for our Q&A with Sugar Paper's Jamie Grobecker and Chelsea Shukov, in which we discuss how this too-cute team-up came to be—and why nothing (but nothing) beats a handwritten thank-you note.

Lucky: How did this collaboration initially come about? How did you get in touch with the J.Crew team?

Jamie Grobecker: The senior brand buyer at J.Crew contacted us and invited us to the J.Crew offices in NYC to discuss the possibility of a stationery collaboration. Clearly, we were thrilled with the idea.

Chelsea Shukov: I was very pregnant at the time so I wasn’t able to travel with Jamie for the meeting. Working with J.Crew is a dream come true and I can’t relay how sad I was to miss the meeting.

Describe how you approached this collection from a creative standpoint.

JG: Whenever we work on a collaboration, we make sure that the design is reflective of the brand with whom we are working.  We worked closely with J.Crew to create designs that were in keeping with their Spring 2014 bridal collection. J. Crew provided the color palette. We worked with pale pink, grey, soft white, black and touches of metallic gold.

CS: Quality is hugely important to both J.Crew and Sugar Paper and we chose materials that reflect that. For this collection, we used letterpress printing on double-thick paper stock and created custom lettering exclusively for J.Crew. The pale pink paper is the perfect shade of pink, only found at a paper mill outside of Florence, Italy.

What sort of bride do you envision using the collection, and for what type of wedding?

JG: The J.Crew bride is sophisticated yet playful and fun. She has great taste and is thoughtful about each detail of her wedding.

CS: The line is sophisticated and elegant, but truly any bride can use the items we have created. The bridesmaids cards and our wedding planners, for example, were specifically designed for any bride, since those are items that all brides need.

What's your absolute favorite item from the lineup?

JG: The wedding planner!

CS: Agreed. The wedding planner is something we’ve been wanting to develop for some time now and we were over the moon when the idea was given the green light by the J.Crew team.

In this day and age, so many people choose to send evites and emailed thank-yous rather than paper ones. What makes paper the better option?

JG: Paper makes such an impact in this day and age.  Processing email is such a chore but opening a beautiful letter feels special.

CS: Sending a handwritten note shows the recipient that you took the time to sit down, gather your thoughts and say thank you properly. It makes a lasting impression and shows that you have impeccable manners.

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