Shopping Confidential: I Bought Spoons From Blake Lively

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It goes without saying that the launch of Blake Lively's new lifestyle site Preserve was met with some skepticism. But, as someone who works for a publication with the tagline "The Magazine About Shopping" (and for better or for worse, I suppose), I pride myself in my ability to find something to purchase in any retail scenario.

I browsed Preserve's do-good and Instagram filter-heavy e-commerce shop and was surprised to find a couple things that I actually liked. The first item is a pair of blue studs that are described on the site as "boast[ing] a triangular crush of scintillating quartz." I don't know about all that, but they were sparkly and pretty and for $30, I figured I didn't have much to lose. Plus, they offer free returns.

The second item I bought is on the cheesier side, but I'm getting married next Saturday so I'm feeling more sentimental that usual. It's a set of "Mr. and Mrs." spoons that I thought would add a nice touch to our reception—and provide a good Instagram moment. They were $25.

With shipping at $5.80 (USPS 2-day and, no, there is no free shipping), the total came out to $60.50. Not bad.

When my order came in a couple days later, I was excited to see my new Blake-approved goods. However, when I opened the box, I was met with some pretty underwhelming packaging. It looked like someone haphazardly rolled up some blue tissue paper and slapped on a sticker. A thank you note is included in an effort to personalize the shopping experience. The 4 x 3" card reflects the site in that it, too, uses more fonts than what's necessary (three, to be exact). It reads:

Thank you.

The items you've purchased are crafted with good, old-fashioned quality; a principle once forgotten, reclaimed, and now preserved. May they bring you joy.

Blake and the Preserve team

Now, onto the products themselves. The earrings are cute. I am wearing them even as I write this post—and not because I'm writing this post. I put them on because they go perfectly with my strappy blue suede heels.

The spoons are adorable in a vintage, Anthropologie-esque kind of way. But the ones I received are different from the ones featured on the site. You can see in the photo below that the stems are two completely designs, though the item numbers are the same. It could be that each set is one-of-a-kind but shoppers have no way of knowing as the site does not provide a disclaimer. Oops.

Fortunately, I like the ones I have so despite the hiccup, Preserve will play a role in my upcoming nuptials. The product description does wisely note, "A wedding day is a special day, but a marriage is every day."


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